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  1. iPad Mini CDMA Query

    i am also having the same issue i also have A1455.. i put my CDMA sim (Reliance) with EVDO activated ... Shows No SIM ... does anyone got any solution ...
  2. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    @kapil ji kindly please give me the link of any post with step by step ... that will be very helpfull ... thanks
  3. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    Yes I tried entering in recovery mode ....... It reboots .... I don't know how to flash via ext4
  4. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    I run the batch file for clockwork recovery .. file run automatically ..img sent to device .. after reboot same .... it keeps on rebooting ..
  5. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    Here is what i did .. 1. downloaded the file and renamed it PG32DIAG. 2. placed on sd card 3. reboot in bootloader mode .. 4. it automatically pic the file and pressed volume up after that power button .. 5. Still same condition ... please guide me have it missed any step ....
  6. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    regarding changes in NV did that in Data section. I have the old backup for the restoration . I have custom rom installed but to wipe out the phone has to go in recovery mode its not going there it reboots before going there .. In the bootloader i choose Recovery to go into recovery mode ,, but it reboots .. and keeps on rebooting ...
  7. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    Hello frnds, I have been using Droid Inc2 , it was OMH based and i was using it with reliance CDMA sim , suddenly my EVDO internet stops working on the phone and did some changes with NV then cell phone reboot .... Now its stuck in BootLoop please guide me out .. i dont want to loose this phone ...
  8. @ joee77 u need to put ur EVDO username n password manully via QPST .... n data will work............ @ vijaymalhotra_2007 where u using chinese Rom provided my hetal ji ....
  9. i have successfully installed it .... ... please follow the steps .... @ sathishq please remove any data u have on ur MMC card just put the ROM on ur MMC .then u put the firmware file .. it will work .. Note it seems to have some radio update file on ur card thats why its been loaded automatically....
  10. As per the request here are some screenshots ...
  11. General Info: Android 4.0.4 Sense 3.6 Kernel 3.0.16 7.01.605.01 im not responsible for anything that happens to your phone. Step 1. Follow Hetal Ji Guide and install Chinese ROM and make ur phone RUIM capable ... Step 2. Download This new ROM from here Step 3. Place it on ur MMC ( memory card ) and boot into Recover Mode . ( make sure u dont wipe anything ) step 4. Downlaod this Firmware here and rename it PG32IMG.zip . place it in ur MMC and again reboot in Recovery Mode. make sure u have renamed the file other wise this wont work. Step 5. Wait for the mobile to start and now u have ICS 4.0.4 with Ruim support ( use any SIM GSM / CDMA ) ... Note . there are few apps missing will also upload them .... soon .. try n please reply ur comments ... Regards
  12. HTC Desire C (Golf) hands on

    very nice review ... as expected from an exp. member ..... keep posting...