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  1. Would someone please suggest a good datacard to use in Madurai? I want to use it with my company's laptop. Since I don't have admin rights on my company's laptop the datacard must not require any software to be installed on my laptop. If all data require software installation then what are the other options? Can I get a 3G router, connect the datacard with it and connect my laptop to the router? I'm looking for a good speed as well. Please also suggest where to buy them, approx price and what to expect. Sorry, I'm new to all these. Thanks so much.
  2. Thanks Karthik. But it's out of stock at infibeam. Can someone tell me if E303C needs software installation?
  3. Thanks inception and angeleyes. Inception, would you please let me know if Huawei E303C would also work in the same way? I see that it's being sold in Flipkart. Buying it online from a reliable store is a better option for me as I'm not much familiar with local markets (I'm living overseas). If only E303 HiLink is a good option please let me know where I can buy it if you don't mind. Again thanks for all the help.
  4. Thanks so much KanagaDeepan. Would you please answer these questions as well? Could you please suggest a router model too? I assume that I have to plug in a SIM card to this router. If yes, what kind of SIM card should I get and what speeds would I get? I'm looking for at least 2 to 3 MBPS speed if possible. Please bear with me for all the dumb questions. I'm new to all these stuff.