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  1. In case, you have not decided to give it some body else, count me. I want this to replace the lcd and outer case and battery of my age old iPod classic 30gb which is in the self for the last one year. I love to upgrade HDD also in case it is given to me. Guys would love to give all of you if I had enough iPods. But I guess we all would agree that guru Gopal ji deserves it. He is the most generous member here and I wish to give my iPod to him. Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2 Agree......
  2. Hi VA, Can i have this ipod to fix my ipod video of similar generation ......... thanks in advance. And this ipod has a 1.8" hdd with ZIF connector which requires ZIF to IDE adapter to use with usb to ide. Attrish
  3. No the ipod i had is not classic. its ipod video 80gb. cant locate it yet. Just checked mine ,You are right it's not the iPod classic is iPod video. Attached the pic of what I have , if it's similar to yours then let me have it. Thanks
  4. I've got a working iPod classic 30gb with super scratched body , clicking hdd and broken locks ...... Your might solve my problem if its of similar gen. Thanks
  5. Thanks Attrish Booked for you.. Pm your address Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 4 Beta</blockquote> Waiting for your address.. If you don't need, let someone other get it... Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 4 Beta</blockquote> Pm'ed you the address. Thanks Attrish
  6. PLZ this time let me have this ...... Shall arrange pickup from ur door step...... I really really need this Attrish