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  1. Collect Your Freebies !

    ^^^ Sir, you have to select "Personal VOIP" settings and you will get the option of SIP Settings there. Change your Voip password and you are ready to go.
  2. Collect Your Freebies !

    Technical Settings for PennyTel The following technical settings (SIP) will be needed, regardless of which method you choose to connect with: SIP proxy: sip.pennytel.com Outbound proxy: sip.pennytel.com Supported codecs: G729 (preferred), ILBC, GSM, G711u/a, G722 (high def) Other settings you may need when configuring your VoIP service can be found inside your portal under: My Services --> Personal VoIP --> Settings
  3. Collect Your Freebies !

    Sir, clieck the below link : https://www.pennytel.com.au/ • Use your E-mail id and Password (which you used to register) to log on the website • Select PORTAL option • After login click to “Personal VoiP” option available at left side. • On main page click on Setting---“VOIP setting”---SIP Setting • Use Your IP Phone Number is: “888xxxx” as userid and VoIP Password*: xxxxxx to login on android mobile app.
  4. Collect Your Freebies !

    ^^^ @Shabz Click at "Join Now" at the page and enter your details....you will get registered.
  5. Collect Your Freebies !

    10 million Free minutes for calling @Pennytel That's right. Make FREE calls to: Australia^, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand^, Singapore, the UK^ and the USA; anytime between 20th December 2012 and 20th January 2013. What’s more – you can call using a number of methods, including: (1) Mobile Phone (with an App) (2) Home Phone (with an ATA) (3) Softphone (on your computer) (4) Callback (5) IP Phone ^Excluding calls to mobiles. Register here : http://info.pennytel.com.au/10m-offer-existing-registration
  6. The Off Topic Thread

    ^^^ Just added something in the message : FLASH..! End-of-The-World scheduled in December 2012, has been postponed to 3012 due to Technical Problems. Please co-operate & continue with Life & same Wife till further notice !!!
  7. Please suggest a OMH + GSM handset

    Topic closed on request.
  8. Hope you have read the buy / sell guidelines by now. Just a reminder that their is a minimum post count criteria to post a Sell thread. Your total post count as of now is 3 only.
  9. This seems the reason why your battery is always in motion. Get the old 16 K / 32 K Sim replaced with a new one from your present carrier. I hope that loose motions will stop on immediate basis.
  10. Welcome back Shreesh.
  11. Best Of Internet

    ^^^ Ha ha ha......daktarrr....yeh toh wohi baat hui ke "DADA KHARIDE AUR POTA BARTE"... Lol.
  12. Ecommerce Websites - Good, Bad and Ugly!

    ^^^ They are going to lose many customers due to unresponsive customer service.
  13. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    ^^^ Lol.....roz ragadte baitho apne chehre ko.....As Nitin said above enjoy till you don't have beard Shreesh...
  14. If you are planning to sell mobiles here then do not forget to read the buy/ sell guidelines first : http://www.rimweb.in...tion=rules&f=50 http://www.rimweb.in..._30#entry250655
  15. Best Of Internet

    ^^^ This has been already discussed in one of the other thread.
  16. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Purchased One Gillette Mach 3. Thanks Sougata.
  17. The Off Topic Thread

    You are a GAMER. I know you loves to play games. on your PS.
  18. Non SMS Stuff

    @AmitRoutray This boy is really amazing. I salute to him. @ Dipan This is the peak of stupidity. These guys don't know what they are doing. Their parents and family is going to suffer in the case of any mishappening with them. By the way, this video was posted earlier also, I think by Rajan Babu.
  19. Vote For The Best Web Browser!

    ^^^ Or may be from Microsoft Employees.
  20. Dear friends, Timtara.com has been exposed by CNBC Awaaz. There are lot of complaints against this online shopping website. Have a look here :
  21. Timtara.com Exposed on CNBC Awaaz

    ^^^ You are lucky buddy.

    Dear Shreesh, Wish you many happy returns of the day. Pic Courtesy : zazzle.com

    Thanks a lot dear Supernova, Nik and Dipan bhai.
  24. Collect Your Freebies !

    FREE Online Courses Offered by World's Best Universities!! Class-Central.com Class-Central.com offers a complete list of free online courses offered by Stanford’s, Coursera, MIT and Harvard led edX (MITx + Harvardx + BerkeleyX), and Udacity. Students who successfully complete the class will receive a certificate signed by the instructor for some of the courses. For more information visit the link : http://www.class-central.com/ coursera.org COURSERA Provides 204 Courses in 20 Different Categories Under World’s 33 Renowned Universities. Universities Partnered With Coursera : https://www.coursera.org/universities 204 Courses Available Under these Universities : https://www.coursera.org/courses Students who successfully complete the class will receive a certificate signed by the instructor for some of the courses. Register for FREE, choose any number of courses of your choice and enroll. For more information visit the link : https://www.coursera.org/