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  1. Lets Ask Arun

    Hello my dear friends. As we all are aware that sometimes we have some questions & suggestions in our mind for our beloved Rimweb.in For this purpose we used to send a PM (personal message) to Arun or Moderators. So, if your questions and suggestions are not too much personal, why not we post them here in a single thread. It will be easier for them also to answer our questions and suggestions here. And if any member still think that the matter which he/she wants to discuss with the Administrator or Moderators is too much personal, than the member is free to PM them. Lets start asking them. The first question of this thread to Arun is : Q. After the upgrade of Rimweb.in to the new version of Invision Power Board, the "Custom Member Title" disappeared from the post of every member. Would this issue settle down in the near future or would this upgrade doesn't support "Custom Member Title" ? Regards.
  2. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    One of my friends was getting 2G/3G network but not 4G on his mobile, he then patched the SIM and was able to latch on 4G network.
  3. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Hi, I'm good KanagaDeepan bro. Thanks. I will be regular on the forum from now onwards. Get your SIM patched from the nearest Reliance Store and I hope you will be able to latch on 4G network after that.
  4. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Did you patch your SIM from Reliance gallery? If not, then this could be the reason you are not getting the 4G network.

    ^^^ Thanks a lot Malhotra Saab.
  6. Collect Your Freebies !

    My dear friends, we all like to get something for FREE. Although you must have heard the old adage "Nothing is ever free", but here we will share the ways to get many things for FREE. I'm starting this thread to share the sources from where you can get FREE products / samples / collectibles / services etc. Thought to start this thread long ago but waited to get my freebies delivered first to make it sure that the sources are genuine. Its better late then never. Lets start this thread from the FREE Samples available from Procter & Gamble (P&G). Get Free Samples of : 1. Gillette Fusion Razor (Trial Pack) 2. Olay Total Effect (8 ml) 3. Head & Shoulders Shampoo (80 ml) 4. Pantene Pro V. 5. Ariel Oxyblu (200 gms) 6. Olay Natural White (Trial Pack) 7. Pampers (Pack of 2) Here are the pics of some of the products I got delivered from P&G : Apart from the above 3 products, I also got my sample of Olay Total Effects and Head & Shoulders which has been consumed by my Old Lady so can't post the pics for the two. Samples of Arial Oxyblu and Olay Natural White are yet to be delivered. Here is what you have to do in order to get your FREE samples : Simply register at the below mentioned page and answer some simple questions to get your FREE samples. https://www.rewardme...er/register.php Dear Friends, if you come across any source to get FREEBIES then do share the same in this thread.
  7. Collect Your Freebies !

    Refer your diabetic friend or family member and they will receive FREE Protinex Active box specially designed for diabetics on your behalf. http://protinexdiabetes.com/index.php

    Thanks a ton mates for the wonderful wishes.
  9. Happy Diwali- 2014

    Belated Diwali Wishes to Rimweb Family.

    Wish you many happy returns of the day DAAKTAR Babu... Apko Solhawaan Saawan Janmdin bahut bahut Mubaaraq Vinay Bhai. Pic Courtesy : Flickr
  11. Hello all my dear friends at Rimweb.in I'm starting this thread for all of those members who visit rimweb.in regularly and express their thoughts through their posts. The purpose of this thread is to let our co-members and friends at rimweb.in knows when we are next available on this forum. Many of us goes on vacations, business tours & many students prepare for exams and in the meantime can't log on to our beloved rimweb.in So why not tell all our friends at rimweb.in for our next availability on this forum. Lets start. I'm not available on rimweb.in from 21st December'06 to 30th December'06. Definetely available from 31st December'06 onwards on my beloved rimweb.in Will miss rimweb.in and all my dear friends at this forum a lot. Regards.
  12. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    Congrats Amit Bhai. Nothing better than getting engaged to a girl of your choice. Happy for you.
  13. Have a great time Vandan Ji in the hills of Himachal. By the way is it Kasol or Kasauli ?
  14. Moto G CDMA Working On BSNL CDMA Network

    Hitesh Bhai, I'm having a Solidstate RADIO made in China at home, see if it can be used. :P .... Lolz.... jokes apart, I think if it is working with BSNL WLL than it will work with MTNL Garuda in Mumbai too ? Pic Courtesy
  15. Spying on kids could never be the answer. I gave mobile to my son when he was in Class Vth. He is now in Class XIIth and he keeps his phone locked and even denied my friend request at Facebook. Lol.... But it's Okay for me. As a parent we have to understand that our children too needs some space. I do not have any issue with my son using Smartphone till I have confidence in him. He knows his limits. Democracy to children is a must now a days otherwise as Shadow said above, they will become desperate and that is not good. Teaching a child what is good for him / her will be the best your friend can do as of now. And no spy software will help him because children are more aware than their parents and if anyhow they realise that their parents has installed spyware in their smarphones than they will use other methods to hide the things which your friend will never get to know. Better to have trust in your children and let them have trust in you.
  16. News Snippets

    I believe $199 is with 2 year contract from Verizon.
  17. ^^^ Glad to hear that you was able to use the coupon in time Saugata Bhai. Cheers!!!
  18. Second coupon also sent to Mr. Sanjeev Satia. Now one left and 8 minutes remaining.
  19. Last minute giveaway.... Having 3 Rs.50/- off on Rs.100/- recharge coupons of FREECHARGE. Valid upto 20th June 2014. 35 minutes left. One mobile number can be recharged only once through this coupon. So if you earlier used this coupon than you won't be able to recharge the same number or pay the postpaid bill for the same number.
  20. Everyone is saying Moto E is coming with 4GB internal storage + SD Slot. But NO one has shown concrete proof of SD slot (as 4GB is too little without SD slot) and it seems like guess only.. I am also wishing the phone to come with SD slot. But since this phone is made by Google, there is a faint chance that it may NEVER come with SD slot like in G and X cases. If thats the case, then Moto E will be the biggest failure for Moto (atleast in India with very very bad BroadBand F(ked)UP wireline plans [means wifi is also not a solution] ) imho... Moto E will be available in 3 different variants and in India we will get the one with Dual Sim functionality. The one which has been put on a brazilian website doesn't have Flash and Front Camera. Even it states GPS too is missing in Moto E XT1025.
  21. ^^^ Enjoy the hills Vandi Ji. We will be waiting for you to return.
  22. Why ? Did you have any experience with Vodafone 3G in Ambernath ? Please elaborate if possible.
  23. Dear Rohit Ji Xolo makes good quality mobiles but they are little costlier than Lava. Heard of bad after sales service from Xolo in the past but now situation could be different. As in the past they used to pick up and deliver the mobile through Courier only, means to say they doesn't opened service centre for the public and all the serivce was provided through courier pick up and delivery which takes more than 20 days to get back your handset. But now I heard they opened Service centres so that buyer could visit directly to the service centre and get the job done.