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  1. Sachin, I faced the same problem. I confess I am by no imagination an expert on the subject, but followed the various tutorials/methods by the gurus here and found the solution. I guess the only solution is to"root" the handset. Please go through the topic " How to root your Samsung Galaxy S3......." posted by RIM Addict (Amit Routray). He has also posted a tutorial on how to upgrade to MD4 after you root the phone, so that you can get all the features. Hope that helps. Best regards Suneeth
  2. Thanks a ton Amit. All of you guys rock. A layman on Android like me could simply follow the steps and everything worked beautifully. First it was Parin's tutorial on getting data to work after the upgrade...the success of trying that gave me the confidence to try out, Rooting, MD4 and Super DeBloater. Cool... :-) Thanks again and best regards Suneeth
  3. What I - a complete layman- observed was that data continues to work even after upgrade as long the phone is not restarted or the Wi-Fi is not switched off. I tested this twice. As of now I have data connection on though the upgrade is installed. Just that I have not restarted or turned off the Wi-Fi. Let me clarify lest my message above is misunderstood since I have qualified myself as a layman. The data 1x/ 3G does come on when I am out of Wi-Fi range even after I have installed the upgrade. However previously I noticed that when I had restarted the phone after the upgrade the data connection did not come up. Fortunately the procedure given by Parin gave me the confidence to experiment. :-)
  4. Just a small query, I saw 3G display for sometime but it has switched back to 1x. Am I missing something here? Thanks again and best regards Suneeth