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  1. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    nope......still waiting
  2. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    hi i m from mumbai circle. my cdma network stooped yesterday and i have activated new rcom 4g sim in iphone 5c. new sim activated can do voice call,sms and data 3G /Egde (but very poor voice quality ) aslo WW people said only voice n 3G services has stared ,4G will start shortly.(but rcom 4g will not work on iphone 5c) my samsung S3 cdma LTE (us celluar) does not detect new 4G sim, lastly i have used PORT out option new 4g sim ,which worked and generated UPC valid upto 9-jun-16 . but overall r-GSM is worst experience , network down
  3. APN Settings For Android Phones

    hello. i am not able set / connect 3g data plan of reliance cdma on SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 CDMA OMH MOBILE. my data plan is active which i confirmed with *222 under setting >more settings> mobile networks> mobile data (ticked on) and >data roaming (ticked on ) but i don't see any data activity. please help /advice
  4. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    HTC One Dual SIM DWG+ does this work with reliance cdma ...without programming also what part number / model number of phone should be??? ...if we are getting it from USA??/ and if from china.????
  5. Dual Sim Motorola Milestone XT 800

    hi everybody on this forum. i am newbie on this forum....let me tell u it was great surprise see lots of info on cdma..handset...i never knew cdma is this big world. i want to root motorola xt800.....i am not able root-it from the apps available from google market / play store i have tried superuser.apps.. and many more...but not successful....its shows error binary file missing. let me tell u.... i had once rooted the phone with app called "rootking" but in that ,I was not able to read commands as they were in chinese or korean but not in English. its lasted for 4 months ...but got unrooted when tried to upgrade the xt800 from 2.1 ecaliar to 2.2 froyo..which again did not get upgrade. after that i am not able to find the app rootking on the stores....also not able to root by any apps. please guide me the way. out.