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  1. Vinod you are a genius I would like to thank you very much for helping me out and taking the time to go through the processes with me.
  2. Hi Vinod I have entered the MSL and a lot of menus have come up which one do I select for DM mode and do I go into edit or view ?
  3. No sorry the phone was not in DM mode Ok let's start from the beginning the phone I received is on 4.3 L720VPUAMDC android version 4.3 baseband version L720VPUAMDC build number JSS15J.L720VPUEMK2 I haven't done anything else to the phone apart from get the MSL with your help and also done this part Open the phone app and enter dialer code ##3424# then select Qualcomm USB Setting and select the last option, DM + MDM + ADB and hit OK. BE SURE TO SET BACK TO MTP+ADB WHEN THIS IS ALL DONE.You may be asked your for SPC/MSL code prior to the menu opening. You can get this from Sprint or by doing the following... Open ##3282# menu and hit Edit. Enter 123456 and it Ok.. you will be told it is incorrect. Now open terminal emulator and type in "getprop ril.MSL" without the quotes and you should have your MSL. I could not do any of this part tried it with terminal emulator and nothing happened what have I done wrong here AOSP: Connect phone to computer. Enable USB Debugging in the Developer options. Open command prompt/terminal. Enter adb shell. Then type su hit enter. Confirm # then type setprop sys.usb.config diag,acm,adb then hit enter. This mode disables itself after you reboot the phone.
  4. I'm already on mja aren't i ? That is 4.3 isn't it ?
  5. Try this, you gotta be online on your phone to get the MSL though. Sent from my LG-LS980 using Tapatalk http://www.rimweb.in/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=18035 Sorry for the dumbness I do have to do this from my phone download and install it right ?
  6. I cannot get the MSL code from he phone I have tried the getprop ril.MSL in terminal emulator and still no luck is there another way or am I doing something not quiet right as stated on previous post the phone is on 4.3 and Is mdc
  7. Hi thanks for the advice the phone I have is already on MDC the software version is L720VPUAMDC android version 4.3 baseband version L720VPUAMDC build number JSS15J.L720VPUEMK2 hope this info helps as I'm totally confused as of now for what to do to get internationally unlocked .
  8. Thanks for the advice but the phone I got is already on MDC so where does that leave me ?
  9. Hi guys some advice needed on a sim unlock again my previous phone broke which was rooted and sucessfully unlocked and functional on 4.2 it was downgraded and the rest for it to work . I have now recieved another working handset which has 4.3 and is fully stock it's on mdc and I need to get this unlocked like my old phone and fully functional please can you help me out and tell me what I will have to do to get this upgraded version sim unlocked thank you .
  10. I would just like to thank you guys I'm fully unlocked and with my apn settings available you guys are magic. Next issue is data seems to connect ok no issues but I do not get 4g I'm based in the uk I'm on a 4g contract is there a way in which to resolve this problem ?