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  1. well after waiting for a month to see if it will work again, i took VPN for a year and two days after that, torrents start working again with Asianet
  2. Not sure if this thread is active but just wanted to know if anyone else is getting torrents blocked. I'm stuck on connecting to peers and when i spoke to their customer care, they claim that they have received government order to block torrents. what to do?
  3. Oh ok. It's a Cisco forgot the model number. Shall check it later in the day.
  4. Hi Arun, I see that the asianet website now has plans for ftth/docsis3 and docsis2. tariff seems to be the same. Could you elaborate? How do i know if my connection is docsis3 or 2?
  5. Wish they had 100mbps with a lower FUP and lower tariff 5k a month for broadband is something i cannot manage Not happy with their speed consistencies either. Am on the 50mbps plan and every other time my average is at 20mbps. have to call and complain and then it will be back to 40mbps or so. Guess i have to do a daily speedtest check
  6. Ah ok. Rs.100 i can live with even if they charge Shall give them a call on Monday and get the plan changed.
  7. Hey Arun, Saw the new plans. Wish they had the 50Mbps plans with a lower fup and cost. Don't really need 180GB Do you know if they have a penalty if you downgrade plans? Tempted to upgrade to this
  8. Not sure what you mean by game downloads. But regular downloads are at 500-600KBps which is great for me. Though i keep wishing tata docomo broadband had feasibility in my area their plans are amazing.
  9. Hey Aditya, I play Diablo 3 online with my dart 1470 connection. It is ok but then i lag out at times which could either be my wifi or asianet. It's ok i guess.
  10. Yes even strange that gas connection bill was accepted by them as address proof for new connection but not for static ip. Strange
  11. Yes after much chaos and confusion i manage to get a static ip from them. Still beats me why they want a network diagram which i drew in MS Paint Last few days went through hell with their customer support. Out of the 5mbps i was supposed to get, i was consistently getting just 1.9mbps down and 3.1mbps up on speedtest check! They just kept saying its all fine at our end and blah blah. Finally got someone to come check. he came he checked called someone and it was back to normal. He said it was a server issue! Go figure
  12. Hello Arun and others Stumbled upon this page thanks to google. Just got myself into Asianet broadband and took up the dart 1470 plan. Been a VSNL/Tata Indicom user for more than 7 years and had enough of their service downtime and lack of response. Anyways my query is a bit weird. My desktop, laptops and even my tablets pick up the wifi and log-in flawlessly but neither my htc one nor my wife's lenovo gets logged on to this. It just goes on an "obtaining ip address" loop. Any help in this would be appreciated. And thanks a ton for the detailed review. Was clueless about the option for static ip. that login procedure everytime is a pain How to find out if the DNS is remote or Asianet? Thanks for everything