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  1. Indian Politics - The Dance of Democracy

    ^^^ Frankly, in the heat of the moment, I forgot her name. Therefore had to describe her as ex-comm of Delhi And yes, the way many ppl have been disappointed with AAP & AK, I too feel cheated by her stand after the Anna team disintegrated. Try remembering how many times had she spoken against the BJP & Congress in the same breath.. She now conveniently separates Modi from BJP, like many of us are doing now.. Just few hours back Rajnath Singh has tried correcting the campaign slogan by calling it 'ab ki baar, BJP sarkar' instead of 'Modi Sarkar'. They strangely started feeling insecure. (If Modi leaves BJP and forms another party, whom will the voters then support ?) Just wanted to remind all when exactly did we start feeling that AAP was a B team of the Congress.. When they raised the Vadra issue, Ambani or Sheila issue? Or maybe it's just a ploy by AAP to garner votes and get back to being corrupt like rest of the political world..? As yes, to be fair, I missed many more disappointments of AAP like the vociferous & irritating Ashutosh, confused Shazia Ilmi, bhushan's take on Kashmir & many other 'spokespersons' all suffering from 'foot in mouth disease'. The Gujarat hospital story is another eye opener, probably the media too didn't highlight it as much, as they did to AKs allegation itself. Never called you a cheer boy bro, you have your views.. And I'm trying my best to influence my though process.. WRONG OR RIGHT. BTW, I just checked my name in the voter list (voted for capt Gopinath last LS elections) either it's not there or not showing up for some silly reason.. Neither am I much bothered cause the Bangalore South candidate of AAP is a nobody compared to Ananth Kumar & Nandan Nilekani. So as u suggested, although I can't use 49O, I vote for nobody instead of blind vote to AAP. It's a pity that Balakrishna Preferred fighting from Central Bangalore. I remember the Delhi scene where we had several inexperienced 28yr olds, as MLAs of AAP just because ppl wanted a change.. cannot vote for Congress indirectly too, just because I like Nandan Nilekani. So, I'm basically a Confused voter, frustrated by the political scene, unless of course, Modi joins AAP! Sent from my iPad using tapatalk (ACS<>Siddaga)
  2. Indian Politics - The Dance of Democracy

    Looks like the AAP is suffering, after a reckless charge hurled across the board, towards all media houses.. Probably, even lost a lot of credibility among many, after the 'behind the scenes' leak. They must watch, what they talk the next time & issue an apology to the media for the time being along with a proper clarification of what AK meant OR should've articulated.. Else, if this standoff continues, the 'movement' will suffer big time. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk (ACS<>Siddaga)
  3. Indian Politics - The Dance of Democracy

    ^^^ well that's about the same crowd an SRK or a Salman would unwantedly pull.. Maybe the AAM politicians have outgrown the name of its own party.. However, I wouldn't call it vandalism like timesnow, who play the metal detector video repeatedly but fail to see it themselves.. 'Falling' isn't vandalising! Secondly, these AAM aadmi 'workers' are basically the aam aadmi themselves who became a bit excited & unruly.. they aren't PAID agents like MNS workers or Shiv sainiks who enjoy daaru and chicken after a day's vandalism.. Looks more like the efficient Mumbai Police were kept on standby while this was playing out. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
  4. We'll guys, change is the only constant.. Better to have an interested player like Voda or Airtel buying out Docomo rather than to have a sleepy/cribbing operator, not interested in the telecom business.. More of a bad news for buyers/sellers of CDMA phones as there's one operator less in the country.
  5. Lets Ask Arun

    Thanks Arun, don't see any such option in Tapatalk settings or Rimweb forum settings. Using an iPad. Maybe I'm missing something.. can someone who's successfully merged their accounts plz help with the process.
  6. Lets Ask Arun

    Hi Arun, recently registered with Tapatalk.. Is there a way to continue using my original Rimweb Id instead of the Tapatalk user name that I defined in Tapatalk settings? Rimweb too has added me as a new member Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Indian Politics - The Dance of Democracy

    Who would've thought the arrival of AAP would dampen the chances of Rahul Gandhi to such an extent that his recent coronation would take the hit.. Even Modi is slowly but surely feeling the shivers being away from 24/7 news channels since Delhi elections.. Maybe another 'puppy' remark would push him back into the limelight? However, fully agree with the criticism aimed at AAP off late.. Chetan Bhagat & many other news editors have made fairly correct observations. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk