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  1. I received my phone. It was done with ppobox.
  2. My package from ppobox also got cleared yesterday and I received invoice with normal duty. Do you know how much time they take to dispatch parcel once payment is done?
  3. Also, let us know how did they calculate customs - was it on price declared or it was charged based on its price in India?
  4. Ask ppobox to share proof / snaps and in the meantime also initiate discussion with seller.
  5. I called ppobox NY office and they told that they have started shipping mobile phones from today. And to get further updates they told to contact mumbai office.
  6. My package got delivered on 13th Jan to ppobox NY warehouse but when I track package on ppobox it shows 'Awaiting Item from the seller'. When they will update it to 'Item received'? I'm not getting any response from them. Can anyone provide me with ID where I can escalate this? Will never go with ppobox again and choose from hopshopgo / sns.