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  1. Do u have cdma version of Moto g and want to flash it for reliance cdma? Then check ur pm, I have a special msg for u! tapatalking..... Thanks a lot sir, the PM was indeed very special Thanks a lot sir for the reply, will add you up on Gtalk
  2. Thanks Hitesh for sharing this wonderful post. I am a complete noob when it comes to CDMA technology. I am a vodafone customer and came here and registered specially becasue of this Moto G deal. The deal is quite tempting and its really hard to resist. Now the thing is, that i dont get all these technical terms. I do not understand what do u mean by the following : 3) Allow this MSL app to use WiFi, 4) It gives you SPC, [Works on Verizon and Boost both] 5) for boost ##diag# works, but dose not work for Verizon. 6) For verizon Diag , Turn off mobile, remove usb cable, and Press both vol key + power button. 7) As soon as you leave these keys , one menu will pop-up. 8) use vol down keys to select BP Tools then connect use cable. 9) then press vol up . Phone will boot normally with DIAG turn ON. 10) for Boost ##diag# require SPC, which you will get it by SPC apk. 11) now PC will search for drivers (even latest moto driver pack dont have drivers for this) 12) attaching drivers for moto g DIAG. (install it manually) DroidX_Diag_x64.rar 106.95KB 24 downloads 13) Use DFS, send SPC. 14) then you need to change phone and min number to any 1234567890 to change PRL 15) till that time PRL wont change, 16) From DFS you can write AKey. 17) But for data need to use DUMP file, 18) you can use CW nv item write and write DATA DUMP, use free NV Item writer from CW http://www.cdma-ware...ader_writer.rar (get CW3.6 Dump after registration) 19) after writing all above, go to DFS and change Min and MDN to ZERO so you will be ready for activation (*228). I could not understand a single one of the above terms. please could you explain me the detailed procedure as to how can i really get this thing working ? or is there someone here in delhi who could help me out doing this ? some place here in delhi ? some mobile repair shop guy ? or can the relaince customer care guyd do it for me if i take the phone there ? Please can someone help me out ? I'd be highly obliged. Thanks in advance