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  1. Change of Ownership

    sorry I total forgot i created this thread. I want to tell you guys that i ported my reliance gsm to airtel post paid with my documents with no problem although i wanted to port into prepaid but the store executive said "its only possible in postpaid". I didn't argue further on that topic because i knew he wanted to complete his monthly target so i ported in for airtel postpaid with 299 plan its been over 8 months and its good so far
  2. Change of Ownership

    ohh and you have or anyone has done like this before could you exlpain in details what you did or what you told the networks the reason you been porting from someone else documents to yours
  3. Change of Ownership

    Sujit is it possible to port out to different network with my documents ? If yes has anyone tried it. Does it work? I am asking cause reliance coustomer service is really mess if even i do so will there be any problems?
  4. Change of Ownership

    Hi. I am using this RGSM from about 6 years now, I activated the number on my friends documents coz at the time of activation I did not had any of the GOVT approved documents, I tried convincing CC about the Change of Ownership but the refused and told me it is only possible if the person is in blood relation. I want to know Does the same thing apply in postpaid numbers? basically what I am thinking here is I would convert the current number into post-paid and then after probation period ill transfer/change the address and ownership of the same number to me, What I want to know is does the same rule apply in post-paid (number can be only transferred in blood relation)? Thanks