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  1. Yup cannot Connect to the network Mumbai circle.
  2. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    Try visiting the gallery and get the number transferred to a omh sim (you might need to borrow someone's phone) or send an email to higher ups if you want to save the number would be a safe bet to generate a UPC and do MNP
  3. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    Yes! But here's the thing I have 2 ex-cdma numbers one was recharged recently that shows the balance also the 1gb that I got from LTE recharge. The other still shows no balance has no incoming calls. I also got 2:30 min in my promo balance on both numbers (check *367*1#), any calls made gets deducted from the promo balance. Hence cannot confirm if the calling pack (Rs44 10p/12 sec...) is active or not. Hope this helps.
  4. If you are connected to a 4g network the notification icon will show either LTE or 4G depending on handset, my airtel connection shows up as LTE in my One Plus Two and as 4g on the s7 also Reliance has cheekily displaying the name as RELIANCE 4g (ala Vodafone IN) however the network type as shown in the sim status under settings and the icon shows hspa and H+ respectively still not able to connect to data services despite having 1gb data balance. Check Check Check 4g signals aren't live anywhere in Mumbai YET have couple of sources in various parts of Mumbai all have compatible handset no one has seen 4g signal live so far, I do agree thought it's too bad for circles with no 3g fallback, maybe they will have to clear the cdma network completely first.
  5. Data is still not working on either number. Network signal info widget on my phone shows that it is connected to the same tower as my RGSM, plus I have a tower near both my office and home so on RGSM I get quite decent speed above 2mbps always but inconsistent. So old ****ty wine in still ****ty bottle but just a new label (R4G) until Reliance 4g actually launches which from the info available on this forum suggests it will be after 3rd June only
  6. It is happening today got my 2 Mumbai numbers activated network is 3g only, all calls working on one number other number only does incoming No data balance and data is not connecting. Devices Note 4 and Redmi 2 Circle Mumbai
  7. CDMA balance was carried forward only on the number that I recharged yesterday the other number didn't get my balance carried forward it seems only the balance wich I put after the LTE recharge was carried forward still no data balance on either of the phones though network seems to be the same vanilla Reliance 3g only in this the name shows as Reliance 4g network connected to HSPA(3g) searched on a Note 4 and a Redmi 2 prime no Reliance 4g visible, old CDMA phones not working, maybe they will transfer all the customers and then activate 4g. Mumbai Circle.
  8. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    Mumbai circle got 2 numbers activated network name shows reliance 4g but is in 3g no reliance 4g signal Tried Registering on reliance jio did not register Data is not working Cannot check data account Had to swap sim to a different phone then got the signal. Call works it seems my 44Rs plan is still working Will update further ..... developing
  9. Here is a picture.
  10. Got both sim activated One is working fine other only outgoing is working 3g mode only cannot check data balance, the one which is working shows my main and promo balance Had to switch devices wasn't getting activated Try removing the battery should do the trick. Mumbai circle..... will update
  11. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    Updated: The handset supports EVDO Rev B Putting the power saver feature gives a days worth of battery life, also takes care of the heating issue, phone doesn't lag while using the power saver. Los
  12. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    Sure does, read the post above, also kamalz has posted photos check them out
  13. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    Infocus M810, Hello fellow CDMA fans, I was closely stalking this thread in search for a CDMA smartphone, finally after confirmation got the infocus m810, it was delivered today, and I am using reliance CDMA on it. Quick summary: Pros: Its a looker, it may not be to everybody's taste but the device is well build comparable to midrange devices. Balanced weight. It supports EVDO Rev A. I'm in Mumbai and getting speeds around 1mbps, even though speed test vary, browsing is considerably fast at par with reliance 3g. Display is good...... For the price. Audio is surprising, not overly loud but good bassy, doesn't sound flat but doesn't sound too rich either. Has USB OTG, and supports USB DAC (USB sound card) Camera daylight photos are acceptable. Indoor photos are granny. Cons: Heats up, it does get uncomfortable to hold doing heavy tasks, now Mumbai is quite hot ATM it may have the affect whereas using in an A/c room i didn't feel much heat. I do not play games so can't comment but I suppose it will be uncomfortable to play, there is however a thermal warning if it gets too hot. Camera could be better. Single sim and doesn't support airtel 4g but will support the upcoming rjio fdd lte and airtel fdd lte. Small things that matter. Has a micro SD slot using 32gb in it. It doesn't lag as such but due to the metal frame some time the touch might not respond if you hold it in an awkward way. Is designed with left hand users in mind all controls are on the left looks a lot like xperia z1. Smudges everywhere. Got 1gb from reliance free. That's it for now will update in a couple of days as I used it on the battery life etc, over all its a niche phone for people looking at CDMA on a budget This is my first post please excuse any mistakes, typing from the same phone.