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  1. Hi, I feel good that u have felt to help RIM Web members but I feel ideally u should help the needy rather then only a senior member with many posts. Like I'm a regular visitor over here since years and now I have even stopped using Reliance CDMA but I still visit the forum as it has all latest information,but input from me is very less and I would not like to spam around with useless post just to get 500 Post target. So I think criteria should not be number of post.
  2. Multi Login for Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk

    Loved the multi yahoo messenger login hack.. excellent work dude....
  3. Try This Firefox Trick

  4. Airtel Mobile Office gives 20kbps speeds only in general in mumbai with max speed of 40kbps. For downloading somtimes its more better but surfing is not so good. Which internet r u talking whihc gives 247kbps speeds. have u checked ur speed with some good site?
  5. Main problem here being discussed is not which network is good but about handset - talktime and charging time. Usage differs person to person. I m into business and for me making and receving calls is v v imp. I would definately like a handset which would give good talk time and fast charging. People like me are just complaning becuase with respect to the price these things are not expected in general. One of the person pointed out why not buy a cheap pcs like Rs. 777/- and still we can get relaince network which would work on 26th July and such days. Also for me cost of battery is nothing compared to my business loss. So let the battery run only for 2 year but in those years it must charge faster and give good talk time. One person has pointed out tha in India average talk time is 500 min per month and so why would nokia care, my question is why shouldnt nokia care? Or it should mention on its box strcitly for people having 500 min monthy usage only!!!. Would it write that "NO" and why so, becuase it wants to target large audience and so the phone must be made keeping that in mind.
  6. Which Blutooth Device To Use With 6275?

    Every body forget this main topic of the person who started. I m also facing same problem with my new 6275 phone. when i tranfer big files it discnnects. even when i want to see phone contents from computer using bluettoth it discnenct now and then. Any other user of Nokia 6275 having this problem? Anyone got any solution?
  7. Advise On Starting A Co.

    What does that mean. can u give any detials. the co doenst not want to outsource but start here on its own.
  8. Advise On Starting A Co.

    A USA based Software company want to employ people here to do the same work they are doing there. People would make software here and work on that software like they r doing in USA right now. I would like to know how to setup a co./brnach here in India in which they end up paying the least tax and evrything is legal. They are not going to make any sale here of that software, only employ people to make,work on that as being done in USA. Please Lawyers, Ca's etc pls help me out on this. Please give ur valuablke advise along with any links which may be infromative to read if possible. Thank's in Advance.
  9. Bt Installation

    I have a motorla bluetooth handfree will it work on nokia or on computer?
  10. I have got Motorolla Bluetooth Hnads free of my Brother who used to use it on Razer. I tried to use it on my computer and Nokia 3230 but it doesnt work with them. Dont Motorlla Hands Free work on computer or nokia?
  11. I wana learn Linux. Can any one suggest and good site or any ebook to learn from the basics. i know dos and windows well (not too advanced) and wana learn the same for linux. PLs suggest.
  12. Cost Of Replacing Damaged Laptop Screen ?

    can anyone give me tel no. of the person doing it in mumbai. any person who can repair mine laptop i.e. repalce tha tivnertor? give me no.
  13. Cost Of Replacing Damaged Laptop Screen ?

    can us hare tel no.
  14. Cost Of Replacing Damaged Laptop Screen ?

    sam problem i got and the repair charged me rs. 8000/- , a local repairer. Anyone from mumbai can repair it for me for cheap?
  15. Mtnl Announces Iptv Tariffs

    It has started also in mumbai. Star all channels r there but still zee sony not in list.