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  1. Hey Sadik, Even my Nametone is also pending with u (Nametone for Varun). Remembr the PM I sent u long back. Please Please Please .................... Thankz WALKER.
  2. LG RD 8000 Chocolate Phone

    What I heard was It does not have an expandable memory & have a bluetooth with partial capability (can be used only for transfering Pics) May be I am wrong. but this is what I heard from my friend. Walker.
  3. Handsets Displayed On Cdg.org.. Were They Launched?

    Yes Anujit is correct the handsets A563 & A606 where launched logn back & A606 used to be a premium handset at that time costing about Rs 24000 (Correct Me if I am wrong).
  4. Lg 3470

    Another Badly designed phone from the House of LG.
  5. Motorola Q To Launch In India Soon

    Ya the detailed review will be a bit more useful rater than just the mention of if.
  6. New Nokia 6275 @ 9,750

    Surely It seems to be a gud buy.. But lets wait for supernova's review abt the same..
  7. Classic 631

    Nice Handset,Worth the cost,..... Just one doubt, does Classic have any service centres in Pune or Mumbai.
  8. New Nokia 6275 @ 9,750

    But why is it still not present on the mail handest page. seems to be some kind of link which hasn't been appended to the main page rt now.. Anyway thankz for the info.
  9. Lets Ask Arun

    Moderators, Can you please let us know why have you guys stopped displaying the section on the Home page about the recent 10 posts ? (It was actually quite usefull) Thankz WALKER.
  10. New Nokia 6275 @ 9,750

    Hey Guys the phone is not even mentioned on the given link... I think u guys got confused with the Nokia 2865 shown in Color Handset section.
  11. Nokia 6275i

    Any Updates on Launch date & Price...............
  12. The race for Hutch stake !

    I really wish that Reliance wins over the Vodaphone & buys the Hutch shares.............. Why do we need foriign operators when an Indian operator is providing excellent services at rock bottom prices....................
  13. New Forum Skins

    Nice & Referesing. Somethin new to eyes , was getting bored of that blue color........
  14. Hi Rimweb Moderators, I have one question for you guys...... I have been a member of this forum for about an year .... every time I click on Rimweb mobile shopping link it says the site will be commin soon............ I dont know what is the defination of soon in your dictionary ... But i just wanted to know are u guys going to launch the site ? ...... are u workin on it or ? have u guys dropped the idea ?..... Thankz WALKER.
  15. Lg Rd 8000 And Lg Rd 3470

    Looks like we have all lost the interest & I agree to it bcoz itz not worth waiting for a handset which has one flaw or the other.