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  1. Yes I second that. After using it for 1 week, I can say that it's "usable" phone. Initially I had battery drain problem after 2 updates but factory reset solved the issue. Now I can watch one movie on jio play at 12% battery drain.
  2. My two 4G sims were dated 4/2016 and data was not working. Today I went to reliance store (New CG road, Ahmedabad) and instead of patching the sim, they gave two new sims dated 5/2016. Now data is working fine but only 2G. There is no reliance 3G here. 4G yet not started.
  3. *367# is working for me in prepaid sim.
  4. When I activate data and start chrome, I immediately lose the signal. Checked on two 4g sims. Try disabling mobile data. Signals may reappear after 5 mins or just restart after disabling data.
  5. Can anybody from Ahmedabad confirm if data is working on their 4G sim?
  6. My both 4G sims got activated today around 12pm. I got message at 10am to insert 4g sim in compatible handset. Currently it's latching on Reliance 2G. No data. If I enable data, then I lose the signal. I am from sabarmati, Ahmedabad. CallerID not working yet. All calls are cpming from "unknown" Cdma sim is showing 1x but call not going thru it.