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  1. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    Anyone please me to use JIO sim in OnePlus One mobile. I'm always getting 850 band which is too slow but in my place 2300band has better coverage but LYF Wind seldom catch 2300 band. Thanks in advance.
  2. Sir Please send me one invite.... I have registered on Jio.com for more than 5 times with different mails & phone number but didn't get a single invite. I want to buy handset with Sim offer but no invite till now. I'm from Kolkata, Visited Jio store here but they refused to provide sim+mobile as I don't have any invite or employee refereal. Please sen one invite. I'm going to PM you details shortly. Thanks
  3. Please send me one invite... I have already send mail but didn't get yet. Please... No option in Kolkata except invite code....