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  1. WiPOD 4G migration

    Last year I had purchased, a WI POD UNDER MDN 9331707416, then a year later the company decides to migrate to 4G and then they transfered my services too without informing me, and automatically my services were shut down, I called them to find out that they have transferred my services and therefore I cannot use it, there was a credit balance of Rs. 750/- because I couldn't use the services for a month but was charged the rental. Couldn't use it unless I purchase a new device so I asked them to shut down my services completely and they gave me a complaint number, a month later they sent me a bill of Rs. 1350/- telling me that due to their system error they couldn't process my request for termination on time and the system automatically went on charging me rent for two months, I couldn't use even a day of Internet after the auto migration, now they are calling me 10 times everyday asking me to pay off the money, when I called their customer services they told me they cannot help me or take any complaint in this regard, as my account has been closed and they have given me an interaction id only, sent mails to all their email ids, but NO REPLY.. I dont have an idea how to stop thIS HARASSMENT... CAN SOMEONE ADVISE PLEASE...
  2. WiPOD 4G migration

    I have complained to them too but of no use or no reply and infact I have received calls and an official answer from reliance last evening on a different site where I had posted my complaint long back, requesting me to place another request for termination of the connection and the only reason I can think of for this is because RELIANCE has not done their job on time or are under the impression that they can get away with any kind of services and customers can be happily harassed. I had already placed a request for termination on July 17_2016 by request no 247918823 why should I do it again just because RELIANCE faulted so it is asking me to own up?????????