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  1. 3 hours ago, joshm said:

    Guys anyone got an idea about working apn settings for the jio , strangely despite trying all permutations and combinations of apn settings , I have not been able to get data on my lg G4 sprint ,
    I know there is no volte in this phone but data should have been working ,
    Anyone got any idea ?

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    APN is "jionet".

    Leave everything else blank.


  2. 1 hour ago, LTE4G said:

    Reliance website RE-VAMPED !!

    Colours have changed - though colourful, Yellow is more prominent.

    Changing colours will not change things for Reliance - They should consider changing Plans & Pricing.:huh:


    On reliance website, I can still see same red underwear hanging on the wire for drying.


    As if the company is owned by some "Sunder Lal Chadha". :D

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  3. I bought MTS Mblaze Ultra Wifi Data card @1200 on 5th April which was activated on 8th April, 2014. I got Rs.999 plan with 40GB data per month.

    After using it for few days, I felt satisfied and contacted Airtel to surrender my Airtel wired broadband (because of Airtel's insane pricing). Airtel offered me an excellent retention plan which I accepted.

    So, I requested MTS to terminate my number. They didn't reply to my emails but when I posted this on Twitter/Facebook, they told me the due amount which I paid same day (24th April, 2014). I was told that the number is terminated and I have no dues.

    Last week (after 7 months of disconnection), a friend wanted to buy similar data card and I offered him my data card. He took it to MTS shop and they told him that this data card is permanently disabled and it can not be re-activated in his or my name.

    I find it quite strange that the data card I bought can't be used on MTS (or any other network) even after 7 months of paying what they asked.

    The model of MTS Mblaze Ultra Wifi Data card is LAVA DF800.

    I am raising this query here to know what option I have to use this card.


  4. I use new non HP cartridges 88A for my P1007 and M126nw, costing around Rs 700 each.They are easily available on FK, EBay, SnapDeal.

    Thanks. Can you share link please. There are many compatible cartridges. Don't who which one to choose. Your experience will make it easier. :)

  5. Hi guys,

    I have a HP M1136 Laser MFP with 88A cartridge,

    I got the cartridge refilled last month but it prints very light after the refill. I am not at all happy with the results.

    So what options I have now? Should I buy a new 88A cartridge (2.5k on snapdeal, 3k on most other online/offline places) ?

    Or should I buy a new non-HP compatible cartridge for Rs.800-1000 ?

  6. after all its our state income, we are getting facilities from our state income.

    "Our" state income - yes but only 20-30%.

    Rest all goes to politicians' swiss (now some other country) bank account.

    So if you are so interested in increasing politicians' income, try your luck by filing the PIL. Then we all will hear even bigger figures of the scams happening in "our" state and "our" country. :P

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