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  1. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    Sorry for the late reply; logged in after a long time. I am using Redmi note 3 with dev ROM. MTS+JIO working well.
  2. Its not true unless you get it in writing officially. Just ignore the rumors.
  3. Not possible with stock ROM. I am using miui 8 developer ROM.
  4. MTS CDMA + JIO VOLTE in Redmi Note 3.
  5. My nightmare.. became reality!
  6. That means, we can't use LTE & CDMA together in RN3.
  7. I want to use jio 4g sim in 1st slot and MTS cdma sim in 2nd slot in redmi note 3. Is it possible?
  8. Moto E 2015 LTE XT1526 to work with Reliance CDMA

    it's a great news! Please clarify about following: 1- is it sprint/Verizon/boost handset? 2- radio version? 3- which ROM are you using? 4- any mods required?
  9. Yes,, he is using button wala nokia. Even I keep a feature phone with a smart phone.
  10. Right. But my dad is not willing to migrate to a smart phone. My dad will be able to use jio if jio could be connected through a feature phone.
  11. For oldies like us, series is also important. If you belong to delhi, you may be aware of 98100xxxxx.
  12. Vanity numbers?! Look at the series,. MNP is a better idea.