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Found 1 result

  1. Samsung Site & Support : http://www.samsung.c.../SPH-D710ZKASPR User Guide : http://org.downloadc..._User_Guide.pdf & here - http://www.samsung.c.../SPH-D710ZKASPR Engadget Review : http://www.engadget....g-touch-review/ The Mammoth in hand: Stock Photos: Initial Observations- 1. Build quality is plasticky but top notch; Very Very light feel in hand 2. 4.52" Super AMOLED Plus screen is brilliant but colours slightly over saturated than Super LCD of EVO3D 3. The size is just too big and any bigger will be difficult to handle in normal human hand 4. The sound quality is just brilliant 5. The 8MP camera is just brilliant and better than EVO3D but no 3D effects here. It can take videos with flash light ON. 6. Google Talk Video works for 1st time for me on any stock rom. It is on 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) 7. One hand handling feels cumbersome to me though my friend Dj says just the opposite. 8. The soft key buttons work perfectly for a change (unlike the original Epic) and just like an HTC 9. I miss the Sense interface of the EVO3D though the Touchwiz is quite improved from its predecessors 10. We can easily set lock-screen photo of our choice though it is not that customisable like HTC sense 11. GPS locking is now without any error and very fast like HTC 12. 16GB in built memory + option to add upto 32GB micro sd card 13. NO dedicated camera button unlike the 3VO 14. Notification light is now present in Galaxy S2 15. Humongous 1800mah battery 16. Default voice settings already on EVRC B 17. Its superfast. A little faster than the 3VO. 18. The fonts look quite big due to lower resolution than the 3VO but that should be taken as a positive as its easy on the eye and an ideal SENIOR CITIZEN Phone... Everything looks so BIG. 19. The patterned battery cover and all plastics are of the highest quality only attainable by Samsung. 20. Unique Voice Talk and Driving Mode from Samsung reminds me of the SIRI What I don't like: 1. Overly plasticky and light. Feels like it can slip out of hand easily due to lightness. 2. Over saturation of colours (in some photos). Videos just look unbelievable. 3. Unrefined interface compared to HTC. But 3rd party options like Go Launcher and Launcher Pro Plus ko bhi to sales deni hai...lolz 4. Lack of bluetooth file transfer drivers (big defect from Samsung). I am unable to transfer files to my laptop on Windows 7 from the S2 via bluetooth. Update: Bluetooth is working perfectly. There were some driver problem in my PC. 5. Notchy EVDO speeds compared to HTC. Still does a respectable 1.2~1.5MBps here in Meerut (refer screenshot) 6. ##DATA# can reset data settings if you go into EVDO settings from the phone. Be careful with that. 7. No headset in box (cost cutting nowadays?) 8. No kickstand aka Motorola photon or the original Evo. Even with these, it still remains the MOST DESIRABLE SMARTPHONE in the world at the moment. It's sales numbers are proof of that. I may have a little critical view as my expectations from the S2 were sky-high... Do this: 1. Change Proxy to to enable YouTube Playback on EVDO by doing this - http://www.rimweb.in...026#entry237026 Edit 09-08-2012 2. Fix GPS issue after official ICS update FF18 - Now for some PHOTOS: The Box The Box opens in 3 layers The Box contents and completely unboxed The 1800mah Battery The Front and the Back The Left, Bottom, Right and Top The battery door opened, The Camera and the Speaker The Volume Buttons, 3.5mm Jack, Power Button & Micro USB jack The Lock Screen, Top edge (Notice the Front camera, Sensors and LED Light), Bottom Edge (Notice the Thinness) & Bottom Menu