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Found 2 results

  1. Anyone knows how we can make the phone work with Reliance CDMA Sim Card. I bought a Virgin Mobile phone from Walmart USA and now came to India trying to make it work on CDMA. Though Virgin gave CDMA LTE network on USA but I unlocked bootloader and installed custom ROM to make it work on GSM network in Germany while I was on way to India and stayed in Germany for a week. All went well with same Moto E working with Lebara GSM in Germany and then after reaching India I inserted my Reliance CDMA card but still now able to make it work. I will put in points what all I have done so far Sprint has Boost & Virgin both with same ROM. So all mentioned ROM I installed was BOOST as no Stock ROM for virgin is available. Actually BOOST/VIRGIN both are same which I confirmed when I restarted phone and it showed the Virgin pop up software to activate phone. 1. I restored the Phone with Stock 5.1 (Surnia) ROM and inserted my old 2005 Reliance Simcard (manually cut) which showed network and did PRL Update, Profile Update, UICC unlock which went successful. Moto E 2nd Gen LTE manufactured after Feb 2015 have SIM lock which can be easily unlocked internationally when you on travel via UICC unlock method that allows you to use other SIM. Seems my phone is manufactured after that thus it showed all successful. 2. The only problem is when I dial any number the dialer flashes and nothing happens. It only allows *228 and the nice lady voice tell "My phone is already activated". I desperately want to see it working with phone calls. 3. I thought the problem is old 2005 SIM hence I bought new Reliance CDMA SIM (again manual cut as they din had Precut SIM). I again did *228 so this new SIM gets the Phone Number transferred as it was successful. It can also see the 3G symbol with exclamation on Network signal. I again tried the UICC, PRL & Profile Update but all failed with "Socket error" means no signal. 4. I thought latest Android 5.1 has issues hence I downloaded XT1526 Android 5.0.2 stock ROM from FILEFACTORY and tried but still the same dialer flash. 5. Some post suggested to get MSL code and unlock using the ##3282# -> EVDO -> DDTM to turn off which requires MSL/SPC code. I tried all possible ways on Internet and used MSL Reader, Installed SU and used Terminal Emulater to run "getprop ril.MSL" but all returned blank with no MSL code. This made me confirmed that no MSL is there in my phone and this phone is manufactured after Feb 2015 which has Domestic SIM Unlock policy and is open for international travelers. Can anyone suggest what I can do here to make Reliance CDMA network work with new Moto E 2nd Gen which I bought in Nov 2015. *#4636*#*# -> Phone Information -> Set Preferred Network Type -> Has All Frequencies available. In 2005 Sim it showed Network Type: 1xRTT In 2015 New Sim it shows Network Type: EvDO-rev.A Please provide me the way out.
  2. Suggest me my first Android - Entry level Requirements: GSM Dual SIM / Dual Stand By preferred Absolute and heavy 3G Browsing on one SIM Good screen size for lot of reading Good Batttery Solid build quality Need to play with Latest Android on UI Customisation and App Development Good Camera (to send Design mockup/proof images) Basic gaming for my 12 years old niece (like Subway Surfer, Temple Run, etc) To use some productivity apps: Todoist, Trello and Evernote and Time tracking apps Im on limited budget: Rs 7000 Shortlisted handsets are: moto e Micomax Unite 2 Redmi 1S Android One and the new entry - Huawei Honor Holly I read almost all reviews of these handsets, but our dear members advice is the key My Testing Experience: I used and tested moto e and MMX Unite 2 with my friends. Reg. my user experience Unite 2 is very average due to limited memory and build quality, so i omitted this. Where as moto e is superb build quality, very handy and curvy design is so attractive. Browsing is also excellent. But i feel the screen size is not suitable to my browsing use. Some more screen space is better. moto e camera is also average quality. MMX camera is much better. Android One speck looks good but the Battery is a big let down and never got a chance to see in any hands. Redmi 1s is excellent on its spec. Even its square design is also looks good. I just checked few minutes and its very responsive. Their circus sales scared me, but now the handset is available through the generous member(s) with in our forum. But recent Heating and App. Crashing and battery issues raises the question on reliability. Recent entry Huawei Honor Holly is also excellent spec with 5" screen, Kitkat. moto e is my choice but due to Screen size only i prefer between Redmi and Honor Holly. Both the phones specs are good except for Mediatek chipset of Honor Holly. So friends, please suggest me on Redmi 1s with risk of heating and testing of MIUI or go with Huawei Honor Holly. Sorry for my long story.