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Found 1 result

  1. Features & Specs - http://www.google.co....html#/features Sprint Home Page : http://now.sprint.co...ID=vanity:nexus Stock Photos: Initial Observations- 1. Phone is a perfect size in hand. Neither too big nor too small. Very light too. 2. The sAMOLED screen is brilliant and curved screen is fanciful 3. It is already on 2.3.7 Stock Gingerbread, much higher than the S2's 2.3.4 Edit: Update to ICS 4.0.4 4. The glossy back can be prone to scratches 5. The volume seems lower than the S2 but is still ok 6. The wifi network coverage and tower connections are also slightly poorer than the S2 7. It could not get activated by *228/*228001/*228015 and I had to manually feed the MIN after MDN retain. Edit: I heard it is actually done by *22898 8. The camera quality is quite good of both the front and rear cameras. Videos can be taken with flash from both of them. Video Chat on Gtalk worked perfectly. 9. Facebook sync of contacts does NOT work as Google and Facebook have blocked each other and having a well documented tiff over this. Default Facebook app, however works well. 10. There is NO notification light. My better half likes it that way unlike me. Less disturbance, she says. 11. There is ONLY 16GB internal memory. No sd card slot. Should be sufficient for most. 12. The 3.5mm and micro usb slots are on the bottom which I think is the perfect place for both of them. 13. No dedicated camera button. Only volume rockers and power button on sides. Nothing on top. 14. The COST of the phone is the biggest ++ point and I suggest people looking for top of the line phones for their better half's, better get this. It retails at 30K in GSM. (20k for the LCD model). 13~15K for this one in cdma. 15. This will be the 1st phone to get Ice Cream Sandwich update after the Galaxy Nexus (most probably next month) and may also include the much hyped Face Unlock feature. 16. It already has NFC (Near Field Communication) which is absent on the S2, so its quite future proof. 17. The 1500mah battery lasts 2 days without evdo. 18. GPS lock is very quick, however there is a 5 degree magnetic north pole error that I found on all Samsung US phones including Epic. Only the S2 is the exception and I feel its a software issue. Some photos - Unboxed - The back cover with the NFC antenna embedded in it The 1500mah battery Compared with the Sprint Galaxy S2 Already on 2.3.7 2 pieces bought