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Found 1 result

  1. In last one year or ever since 3g got easily available for comman man , I have used High speed interent over mobile of various networks for good duration. Airtel, Vodafone, Idea & Reliance GSM & CDMA. As far as speeds are concerend RGSM was the most surprising with often 7Mbps speeds but the network was very poor. I travel alot and it would get tricky in most places. Airtel & Vodafone would easily give me 4-5 Mbps any point of time and very decent coverage too. Idea with best gsm 3g plans in Raj circle at least but speeds would stretch max. to 2-3 Mbps at any given point of day or night. Now coming back to the topic of this thread our forums' most coveted reliance cdma evdo rev. A. I must say, baring apart the call quality and coverage, the speeds are mostly poor . At the max. it stretches to 500-700 Kbps at any point. Its cheaper by almost half than any other network with the popular 94 recharge. But is it really worth it? All the time consumed with such speeds. Does the cheaper call rate and call quality suffice for slow internet. Most of us here have spent our hard earned money invested to buy the most smart- smartphone but is it able actually do all the smart things without being backed by a strong internet. Have we already reached the point where advent of either EVDO Rev. B or 4G is imperative? Should we keep buying phones on our dear rcdma network with both handset and network supporting only Rev.A. With this thread I am hoping to discuss and share experiences, plus review the situation.