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Found 1 result

  1. Sprint S4 AKey/SPC Solution

    Many guys are struggling to get thr phone working since they are unable to flash Akey/SPC which is needed for some carriers like Reliance, TATA in India atleast. I'm not going to put usual diag setup stuff right now, or may not able to update it at all. The below commands should be sent step by step as mentioned through DFS or CDMA workshop or any other tools which you prefer to use. Also you need to first send the 16 digit password for your phone model. I believe for L720 it is "2012112120131219" ----To change SPC to 000000 or any anything 00 4B13030000000000 4B130F006E766D2F6E756D2F383500 4B1308006E766D2F6E756D2F383500 4B13020041020000B60100006E766D2F6E756D2F383500 4B1305000000000000000000303030303030 4B13030000000000 In the second last line i.e. "4B1305000000000000000000303030303030", the last 12 digits are your SPC hex value, if you want to change it to anything else like 123456, you need to edit the last 12 digits and make it look like "4B1305000000000000000000313233343536" ----To change the A-Key to anything, in the below case, akey decimal to be flashed is 11111111133333333785 (the akey hex will be: 9A3298B4E238A719) 00 4B13030000000000 4B130F006E766D2F6E756D2F323500 4B1308006E766D2F6E756D2F323500 4B13020041020000B60100006E766D2F6E756D2F323500 4B130500000000000000000019A738E2B498329A 4B13030000000000 In the above cmds, if you take a close look at the last 16 characters in the 2nd last line and the mentioned akey hex, you maybe observe that the akey hex in the cmd is in a reverse manner. You can change generate your akey online or via regular tools like DFS and arrange it in the similar manner to flash. You might need to downgrade your modem in order to get this working, please post here if it works without downgrading the modem. This has been tested on 2xGalaxy Victory and one Sprint L720, so please test and report if this works for you.