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Found 1 result

  1. My sister in law doesnt use smartphones due to her naughty and fiddling 3 yr old son (my nephew) She has an ipad 2 and has been keen on using whatsapp. As its become a staple to be in touch/share with friends & relatives. There is no harm in doing it through the jailbroken way with whatspad but you miss out on updates and unless you love to tweak with your device alot, its not necessary. I found a very easy guide on many websites without jailbreak. This works even for the new gen iPod touch. Whether you use OS X/Windows it doesnt matter. Download iTunes which you will most probably already have. Search for whatsapp in iPhone only apps as it wont show the results if sorted for iPad only. Download it after having signed with your Apple id. Copy the '.ipa' file from the respective location Mac OS X 10.7/8/9: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/ Mac OS X 10.6: ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/ Windows: C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\ Now download iFunBox for your OS for free (available for pc & mac both) Install it. This the most important part and mandatory. You need an iPhone too (borrow it from friends/relatives) if whatsapp is already installed then please take a chat backup for their sake. its easily done in whatsapp settings only. now delete the app re install it from app store do not restore msgs at this point configure it to the mobile number you want to use with iphone/ipad connect the iphone to your computer and open iFunbox go to user applications on the left side panel look for whatsapp and open it (by clicking on the icon) copy two folders from here on your desktop - Documents & Library now delete the app from iphone again and disconnect it from your computer connect your ipad/ipod to computer again go to iFunbox and choose the option 'install app' give the whatsapp.ipa file location as given above after it finishes successfully , go to user application on left side open whatsapp and delete the existing - Documents & Library folders it will still show the icon but dont bother now copy the previous "Documents & Library" folders we copied to your desktop once its done you can disconnect the device from computer simply run whatsapp on your device as its pre-configured be courteous and responsible now pick up the borrowed iphone and again install whatsapp from app store configure it to the actual(original) phone number and make sure to choose restore msgs when prompted Now the iphone is back to the exact state we started and your ipad/ipod has a fully working whatsapp. Please follow the procedure exactly as per the steps given. Make sure ios version on both devices is same. As whatsapp has a newer version for ios 7.04. By following this guide no harm will come to your device whatsoever. No hangups or bricking etc. would happen. its completely safe to do. Remember whatsapp cannot run on two devices with same number so if you dont remove it from the iphone while its configured to same number then you might get this message on your ipad "sorry your device is currently not supported" For any queries/help. post a reply hear and i shall do my best.