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Huawei To Launch 3g, Wimax Cdma Smartphones

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Huawei to launch 3G, WiMax CDMA smartphones

Sep 06 2009 20:27 hrs IST

By Bhaskar Hazarika

Bhaskar Hazarika

New Delhi

Chinese telecom equipment provider, Huawei plans to launch 3G and WiMax enabled code division multiple access (CDMA) smartphones for the Indian market in next couple of months. Huawei is planning to launch its smartphone category in the open market.

After the government’s decision to auction 3G and WiMax spectrum within three months, handsets makers are gearing up to launch 3G and WiMax-enabled mobile phones for the Indian market. "Apart from bundling, we are also looking at launch the devices in the open market. Till now, we have been offering our handset to the CDMA players through bundling, but now we are planning to make it available in the handset stores," a senior official from the Huawei told Financial Chronicle. Huawei handsets are being offered by Tata Teleservices and Reliance through bundling offers.

Other CDMA handset makers such as LG and Samsung has been betting big on the Indian market for the 3G devices. Last month, Samsung launched the open market handset Mpower 699 for the Indian market in cooperation with Qualcomm. At present, all the major handset makers have their range of 3G-enabled handset models available in the country.

The official said the company would offer competitive pricing for its handsets. “We are going to offer the 3G and WiMax-ready devices at a competitive price compared with the handsets available in the market today. It will be a full-fledged device with all the features of smartphone,” he said. It has been learnt that the devices would be available for customers for under Rs 10,000. Two major Chinese network equipment vendors, Huawei and ZTE Corp offer its CDMA handsets for Indian customers through bundling with telecos. Chinese equipment vendors have been in controversy after the security agencies raised concern over the import of telecom equipment. The ministry of communications and IT is planning to set up a telecom equipment testing centre.



Source: http://www.mydigitalfc.com/companies/huawei-launch-3g-wimax-cdma-smartphones-370

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will these higher end phones also burn like sun! just as it happens in the case of all huawei/ze/haier /lg made

cdma phones?

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no update on this front. while ZTE has launched a basic handset, advanced phones are yet to be launched.

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