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Help Needed In Micromax Phone Book Transfer

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Hello , sorry if this is offtopic,

i bought a new Micromax GC360 , my old phone was Nokia 6088 both r CDMA.

New micromax is triple SIM, 2 GSM and 1 CDMA.

i m using only CDMA right now,

i tried upload Phone book via RWorld , but problem is that new Micromax phone is not having RWorld Option,

so please anyone help me , i have over 500+ contacts and writing them manually is very painfull, plz suggest how to transfer that phonebook from Nokia 6088 to Micromax GC360

thanx in advance :D

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Hi Kirtan,

Firstly connect your nokia phone to nokia pc suite & save/export your phonebook to .csv format & then upload the same to your gmail account by importing the same.

Now you can sync your micromax phone to gmail by adding up the sync profile, else if it is an android phone then the phonebook will automatically get downloaded once you login to your android system with your gmail credits.

Hope this helps in getting your issue sorted.


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^ ^ Leave aside Android, Micromax GC360 is similar to those chinese CDMA+GSM dual sim and won't be having Gmail Sync option AFAIK..

@kirtan. Does your Micromax GC360 came with its PC Sync Software? Then export Nokia Contact to Outlook & Import in PC Sync...

If not, only a rudimentary method comes to mind... while not 100% pain free but still may save 50% manual effort...

1. Put your SIM card in Nokia Phone & Select Contacts From Nokia Phonebook till the capacity of the Sim (Mostly 100 to 250)... Now copy the contacts to SIM..

2. Put this SIM in Micromax, Select All Contacts & Copy to Micromax Phonebook from SIM (There is an option in this phone to do so)

3. Empty the SIM... Put again in Nokia... Go to 1 & repeat till all contacts are copied..

By this method if a contact has more than 1 number, only 1 may get saved & rest may have to be entered manually...

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Hi friends , thanx for the answer ,

@rajan , no it doesnt comes with any PC Sync Software.

will try out your method :D

thanx again.


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