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Verizon About To Turn The Rezound, Droid 4 And Razr Into Global Devices?

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Back at CES, Verizon told us that select 4G LTE devices like the LG Spectrum and DROID 4 would eventually become “global” phones thanks to international radios embedded deep inside. According to our sources, there may be more than just those two devices and the change to make them global could be happening very soon. As you can see in the info sheet for the HTC Rezound that is on display, it has a new “global feature” on the way that will give it access to use in an additional 185 countries. They aren’t stopping there though, as stores are being told to print out new info sheets for the RAZR and DROID 4 as well that include similar notes for global features.

Your LTE smartphone will soon be a world traveler.

Cheers ___!



Need a Special treat from KanagaDeepan as his Fav Razr Maxx may Get GSM Support Soon

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Sure my friend.... Just SMS me the price + a/c number + PartyVenue once it was done... You know, I am NOT joking...

I earlier heard Razr and Droid4 is going to be WorldEdition phone (around announcements) from Hetal ji's tweet... As Razr and Razr MAXX has same ROM and almost same hardware (except battery), this was possible with MAXX also :smiley-bounce022::SI::signthankspin::dance::yahoo::Boy Thumbs Up::thumbup::jumpy::cheer::clap1::clap::punk::victory::yes::grin::wub::thumb::drool::Contento:

Just saw Razr (GSM) on Univercell_Chennai, that was the most beautiful phone I have ever seen... And with the much needed JUMBO battery, MAXX is THE BEST phone in the planet (for me)... Further being a BigRED (eg Inc2) phone, I think this will NOT get plagued with USSD issue like Photon... Even if the problem exists, I will use it for my postpaid TATA number...

Already 5 people are waiting for my CapGlide for past 2 months... Now I think the recent price-reduction of MAXX and Razr will help u more... Again please strike a good deal from US Parin ji... Most probably you may be disturbed by me on Sunday (today) morning...

Soo many work left now... Have to get microSIM for my BSNL number, beatings from my mom (every time I change my phone), sell the Glide (fully loaded) to a friend, buy a 64GB card (for 1080p videos), etc....

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