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  1. You must thank them as they are doing you a favor. Select some other SERIOUS operator... Even ChoRCom GSM is a better option than Tata. See, if they themselves are NOT ready to greet you to their network, then guess the service (or lack of it) they will give you..
  2. There is a reason people call them ChoRCom...
  3. Hmmm... Very nice... Now the Rs149 plan is also very attractive. Without JioPrime, Rs149 plan has 1GB data only. With JioPrime and NO advance recharge till 31st March, gives Rs149 plan 2GB data. With JioPrime AND advance recharges till 31st March, gives Rs149 plan 3GB data. Now this is a great plan for normal users. There is now ZERO reason to avoid JioPrime recharge, imho...
  4. What I want now is, our Govt asking for the tax money from vada phone, before allowing the merger (else make CCI or competition commission of India to reject the mega merger). It will be real fun then, imho. sent from my Samsung Galaxy A9 pro using tapatalk
  5. Actually the port code was generated the first time you sent SMS. ChoRCom does the dirty trick of NOT allowing the port code to reach the customer. Call 198 and complain the CC, they will tell you the port code, afaik..
  6. Recharge with Rs99 PRIME offer anyway. Till now they are using mostly RCom towers with least rent. After commercial launch they are going to switch ON the other company towers incl that of "Bharti Infratel". Hence the coverage may improve after April. Even if the coverage was NOT improved (and you have done PRIME recharge), there are 2 options available for you. [1] Use the Jio SIM in JioFi2 near the window, where you are getting better signal and continue enjoying Data for dirt cheap. [2] Just forget the Rs99 and think it as charge for using Jio services till March end, so that you may NOT have guilt of using some services for FREE. This option is still better than NOT doing Prime recharge and regret later once the coverage was improved.
  7. Yes, I have already done Rs999 (60 days -- 60GB) recharge once. May do another 5 times to get 420GB ( [60GB+10GB] x 6 times ) per year. JIO Prime Membership Terms & Conditions HERE. One interesting thing reg PRIME membership TRANSFER as below:- WOW.. Very Nice.. I think this will be very useful for people who (most of us) are using Jio as secondary (or even tertiary) number and are waiting for April to see improvement in network, so that they can PORT their primary number WITH JIO PRIME membership benefits.. Great going JIO...
  8. Nope.. It will NEVER work. It is NOT just changing mode of subscription, it is as good as new connection with NEW CUSTOMER ID, NEW CAF (Customer Aquisition Form) being filled. They can LEGALLY block your MNP request if you try within 90 days of post2pre conversion and yes, there is nothing wrong in this. All you @h1ghlander can do is just wait for completion of 90 days.
  9. Not just Rs303 plan.. There is Rs149 plan, which gives 2GB data instead of usual 300MB one. Even better plan is Rs499/- where 2GB data is FREE per day. I am going for Rs999/- with 60GB data for 60 days. It is same as 499 * 2 months, but here is chance for using all of 60GB (no data lapse if we use less data some day) and useful for heavy downloads (eg > 2GB) as well...
  10. looks more like a phone issue, imho..
  11. Way too confusing, imho... Why can't they make it simple???
  12. the best phone for lte carrier aggregation!

    If only it came with bigger battery...
  13. JioMags is best viewed in Tab, either via 4G slot or connected to JioFi using WiFi, imho
  14. And that 2G is also coming to end in Sep2017 as well. They thought their merger with Aircel will save them by that time. But yesterday, Supreme Court warning to Aircel owners (link HERE) made the deal to get delayed for months..
  15. Happy new year 2017 friends sent from my Samsung Galaxy A9 pro using tapatalk