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  1. Marginal increase in price will not affect both Jio or its customers, especially those who used Rs400 cashback offer. Let's hope other operators also increase tariffs and there will be improvement in network quality in coming days. U got this info from ultra dot news right? 1.2GB per day, offnet calls NOT free, what not.. Its news is as fake as facebook news. Their old name was RTN (reliable thou Nahi). I think right now, they have changed the whole news, without any Update or EDIT showing / accepting their mis-guessing.
  2. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    ChoRCom with NO Customer care is just UNLIMITED HORRIBLE.
  3. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    If you need to go NorthEast circle, then forget about Vodafone. Even Vodafone+Idea after merging will NOT have a good network in NE. Airtel is the undisputed King in NE circle, with 900MHz (total 8.8MHz spectrum) 2G as well as 3G. Further Airtel coverage will be good, if you use "3G Only" mode in Mumbai, as Airtel has 900MHz 3G (apart from 2100MHz 3G) in Mumbai as well. Further 850MHz and 1800MHz LIBERALIZED spectrum is coming from Tata, around April 2018. Though Airtel coverage is NOT good in Maharashtra, its not bad either. It has 5MHz of 1800MHz for 4G in their hands now. Another 5MHz is coming from Telenor and yet another 5MHz from Tata as well. Airtel retention team is giving UnLimited calls for Rs199 with no data. For Rs349, they are giving Unlimited calls + 11.1GB or more data, depends on how good you negotiate. So better use Jio as main number + Airtel with Rs199 plan as secondary number.
  4. idea 4g in Mumbai

    Idea is king in Maharashtra, but joker in Mumbai.
  5. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    If the Rcom mobile number is important, please port out to some other network. If it's just a tertiary number + not so important and has almost nil balance, then continue in rcom and enjoy the baaki picture.
  6. Yes, it's always better to do recharge when there is necessity in jio. No benefit for adding multiple recharges. Since you are getting cashback anyway, you can recharge imho. From my experience, if your current running plan is 399/84 days, you can do another 399 before 18th Oct to get 84 days per GB data as well as 400 cashback.
  7. Frankly NO IDEA. At least they have 10MHz of Band 3 (1800MHz) of liberalised spectrum in TN and they have huge base (but its getting reduced super fast due to no 4G till now). But they are NOT launching 4G there to stop their downfall in their leadership circle. May be Vitamin M deficiency is stopping them.
  8. Now this is very good. Airtel + Tata VS Idea + Vodafone VS Jio... Good to see competition between strong players with enough spectrum / capacity and it will be finally beneficial to consumers...
  9. Wow.. Confusing as usual.. I beg Mr. Ambani to NOT bring Rs399/84 days type plans again. Here network has become very unreliable, especially voice. Not only for Jio, even Airtel / Voda / BSNL and all others' network is like sh!t due to intense competition. Airtel also has brought stupid plans like 30GB + last month unused data for Rs649 and as expected now their network is also horrible. The default plan of Rs309 for 28 days is NOT bad, even Rs449 for 56 days is OK, but not worse than that please, pretty please... I am sure, I will be in minority here, but quality is important than quantity, in my humble opinion.
  10. Its clearly shown during recharge in myJio app that, this 84 days validity is just one time offer and actual validity is 28 days from second recharge. But since its Jio, we can't be sure about this as well.
  11. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Better to port out to other Operator from RCom, if that number is important for you. Actually ChoRCom is NOT closing the towers, the tower companies are closing them as ChoRCom has NOT paid them for a long period. Same for CC as well, which is handled by Tech-Mahindra due to payment over-dues. Link HERE. Actually ChoRCom needs to pay double the payments to CC services Cos, as ChoRCom eats customers' money and its these poor CC persons (from Tech Mahindra here) to get blames from Angry customers. But as usual ChoRCom has eaten their money as well. So the CC situation is NOT AT ALL going to change in near future. Next they are going to eat and blurb the Bank's money as well.
  12. Very good. I appreciate this move by Jio. Who needs more than 5 hours of FREE calls per day, except tele-marketers?
  13. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Yes, you are right. In A9 PRO after the Nougat update, there is NO "Keep" button showing up. Just "Change" and "Cancel" buttons are available. I wonder, even the change may be brought to C9 PRO in upcoming Nougat update. Man, I hate the Samsung SW sh!t.
  14. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Its possible to get Incoming calls on Jio, while Airtel Data is in use, at least in latest mid to high end Samsung phones, including A9 PRO. But the catch is, you can use only 3G of Airtel and NOT 4G. In SIM Card Manager, select "LTE/WCDMA/GSM" for Jio and "3G/2G auto" for Airtel. In Data section, select Airtel. When a prompt comes asking you to "CHANGE" the Airtel to "4G/3G/2G" or "KEEP" the existing setting. Select "KEEP" and you are good to go. Now Data will be from Airtel3G and receive incoming calls also from Jio. Airtel has better 3G coverage than 4G, so not a big issue, imho. Further, this will work for any SIM slot position. I mean, you can use jio or Airtel in any SIM slot, still this setting will work. Tested in my C9 PRO and S8. Enjoy.
  15. AIRCOM ?

    You meant AirCel, right? I wonder what are the options available to them now, especially Aircel...