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  1. the best phone for lte carrier aggregation!

    If only it came with bigger battery...
  2. JioMags is best viewed in Tab, either via 4G slot or connected to JioFi using WiFi, imho
  3. And that 2G is also coming to end in Sep2017 as well. They thought their merger with Aircel will save them by that time. But yesterday, Supreme Court warning to Aircel owners (link HERE) made the deal to get delayed for months..
  4. Happy new year 2017 friends sent from my Samsung Galaxy A9 pro using tapatalk
  5. By jio voice you mean jio4gVoice app or volte? sent from my Samsung Galaxy A9 pro using tapatalk
  6. Digital Pimple store?? Most probably a typo, I think. But can't guess the correct word in that place though.
  7. You have not given your budget. If you are OK with 6" screen and price NOT an issue, go for Samsung Galaxy A9 PRO (with 5000mAh battery) for Rs32000/-. I am using it and its great. It supports LTE-A (upto 3 carrier aggregation) an its 4G LTE speed is much better ordinary LYF handsets (without LTE-A)...
  8. If you have filled new CAF (customer acquisition form) then you may need to wait for 3 months completion afaik, as you will be treated as new customer for them...
  9. @ramtech ji, you are right..
  10. lyf flame 7 stock rom

    Sorry bro, no idea about LYF phones' flashing. They are NOT darling of developers as well, afaik...
  11. If barcode is still mandatory, then it is better NOT to port to Jio till the free services ends, imho..
  12. Looks like, now there is NO need to generate BarCode for MNP from 4th December onwards... Good
  13. lyf flame 7 stock rom

    Have you tried asking the Service centre? Just say that the phone completely switched off suddenly one day and you don't know why / how? They will flash the stock ROM using special tools themselves for you. Worth a try, imho...
  14. I am not disappointed with Kejru. Because I have found out his true colours much earlier. sent from my Samsung Galaxy A9 pro using tapatalk
  15. Actually 5% of Indians pay income tax. After this demonetisation if it increases few %, it will bring huge difference to those tax payers. Second after demonetisation our money will not sleep in bad people's lockers. Rotation of money in market will bring huge difference. If bad people start hoarding 2000Rs note, then you know what will happen next. Actually 500Rs and NOT 1000Rs demonetisation caused inconvenience. So 2000Rs will never affect common man. Plastic money and wallet usage has increased significantly for small businesses and transactions. Rtgs neft usage increased for big transactions. Business people including me prefer 0 risk of carrying 0 money. But the real aim of demonetisation is blocking fake currencies from Pakistan support Daw00d. It itself is worthy of pain of we common people. Didi and Kejru cry like -- wolves crying that sheeps are suffering in rain. May be they're very much affected personally by demonetisation. Reg problems faced by common man as told by them, Didn't people get affected by odd even rule, but those temporary pain is expected for any good policy and so for demonetisation case. I am very happy... sent from my Samsung A9 pro using tapatalk