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Palm Pixi - Power Button and Restart Issue

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Hello gurus,

I am using Palm Pixi plus( From Saddik Bhai) for last one year, running smooth.

But recently it is giving me some problem, It does not recognize Power Button pressing , and after long time it directly shows " Aeroplane/Power/cancel" options.

If tried multiple times , these button presses will result in sudden restart or on/off screen multiple times.

First I thought it is Power button issue, but I tried removing battery then phone worked perfectly for some time.

After some google search , I got somewhere forum that this issue might be due to Full Memory.

I noticed that , I had only 100 mb free in 8gb. So erased usb drive. Still issue is not fixed

I think "WebOs" is corrupt.

Few questions to Gurus here ,

i) Will WebOS doctor will affect Programming of phone(prl and all)?

Please help me to solve issue.


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Go ahead with web OS doctor update... Also note you would need to bypass activation after Web OS update. Its fairly easy process n should solve your problem...

it won't mess with your nam /.prl / data settings.

Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 2

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