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  1. Hello Friends, I am from pune, I got BSNL sim it is activated . I had opted for 150 plan so my balance was -150. So did topup of 200 and also done 21 FRC. Now I got balance of 1024 MB data. But the problem is I can talk but net is not connecting on my ZTE n919d .. No 1x or evdo. EVDO signal is shown on mobile . I don't know what to do. I am stuck. I tried this sim in xccess x500 data card , but i think it does not support bsnl. Why bsnl cdma is not supported by all cdma cards? strange. @dr.faramroze can you help in this..
  2. Hello, How is this rom compared to stock? what are the improvements? Thanks
  3. hello , is there any headset which works with this handset ?. provided headset is very basic.
  4. Reliance. I restarted and after this issue not present now at least.
  5. Recently purchased ZTE N919D, good handset. But I saw that when on call , it there is any whatsapp message, or any internet activities . call was getting disconnected " Call lost". Is this problem, if yes what to do? If any body can help me. Thanks
  6. Try "R-STUDIO " Excellent software
  7. Hello gurus, I am using Palm Pixi plus( From Saddik Bhai) for last one year, running smooth. But recently it is giving me some problem, It does not recognize Power Button pressing , and after long time it directly shows " Aeroplane/Power/cancel" options. If tried multiple times , these button presses will result in sudden restart or on/off screen multiple times. First I thought it is Power button issue, but I tried removing battery then phone worked perfectly for some time. After some google search , I got somewhere forum that this issue might be due to Full Memory. I noticed that , I had only 100 mb free in 8gb. So erased usb drive. Still issue is not fixed I think "WebOs" is corrupt. Few questions to Gurus here , i) Will WebOS doctor will affect Programming of phone(prl and all)? Please help me to solve issue. Thanks
  8. Reliance Launches "My Statement" Service For Prepaid

    I got every information for last 24hrs....... in 10 different messages( may be due to 160 char limitation) sms, call info with charges, no.of minutes From above responses it looks like it is write now available for mumbai circle.
  9. Samsung Mpowertxt M369

    ^^ Opera 5.1 Signed version should work in this mobile . As I am using in my Mpower TV ( could be younger sibling of this mobile)
  10. Samsung Mpower TV S239

    I searched a lot for supporting softwares basically looking for opera. Tried many versions and found that only 4.0 Advanced could connect to internet. But "Allow ......... access " was very frustrating. So tried searching again. And finally found........ on "Google" Here are the steps to install Opera 5.1 mini, with tab support. 1.Visit http://mini.opera.com using your phone browser. 2. Click the "Other download options" link to get a screen showing a long list of available downloads. Scroll to the bottom of that screen below where it says "Options for Opera Mini 5.1:" and click the link " Select Code-Signing Certificate" 3. On the next screen click the link "All Certificates" 4. On the next screen click the link: "Download Opera Mini 5.1. (English (USA))" For more details and screen shots see: How to Download Opera Mini Signed Versions and One good software I tried is "Snaptu". This can be download in same way by "m.snaptu.com" ( got idea from "Micromax Modu thread in rimweb ) specifically downloading "Singed version". Amazing software , cricinfo, news, facebook ,twitter etc.. in one software However I tried many softwares for "Gtalk" like ebuddy,parling,shmessenger,mig33 but not working. By doing all this I think "Only Signed versions" can access internet in this mobile with interruption.
  11. New Launch: Lg 235 Cookie Spark

    ^^ You are 100% correct. But if it does come with BREW then all the apps are not supported. For e.g Samsung mpower TV Opera,bolt,ngpay........etc not connecting to net getting blocked. So what is the use of the EVDO . Let's hope that this supports this apps so buying person can truly enjoy blazing speed.
  12. Samsung Mpower TV S239

    Good things about this phone: i) Screen 6cm. 2) Form factor is also good. 3) OS is fast 4) Network reception is also good( better than I used to get on my 6275 at home,no call has dropped till) 5) call quality is also fine. ( May not be upto Nokia 6275) 6) supports 16GB card 7) SMS capacity is 2000 ( Way better than 90 in case of Nokia 6275) 8) Cheapest EVDO phone till now, getting nice speed while browsing on in built Polaris 9) Battery seems to be nice after 2hr calling , 40 mins on net and around 50 sms Now things I didn't like 1) Java support is there but when I installed Opera mini,bolt but they are not able to connect to net. So basically I will have to find apps which can be supported on this phone. This could be due do BREW. 2) No 3.5 mm jack for headphones
  13. Micromax E 360

    Nice Specifications.......... Form factor is also good
  14. Samsung Mpower TV S239

    I bought this phone yesterday for 5k. I think , I have made good choice. Yet to transfer to OMH UIM. Will update other things later.
  15. Samsung Mpower TV S239

    ^^Thanks for Reply, It will help if you elaborate on this. Is it due the fact that it is based on BREW ? I thought it is good to have bigger screen , Metro TV looks small.