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There is chance for all smartphone users except motorola to rejoice . soon all who thought lapdock for motorola should have inspired others will have a chance.

since lot of people who already own other brand smart phone (android & apple) can get this neat clambook and have a smartphone convert into netbook.

for your jobs on the go, you dont have to buy ultrabook or netbook . specially people who feel their superpower phone does most jobs for them if only it can get a bigger screen and KB with trackpad. its like the exorbitant attempt asus made with padfone.


Right now they are selling clamcase for 149$ which works for ipad (all generations) and soon launching (Holiday 2012) clambook for android smartphones. specifically phones that have MHL output. there are few models in most brands which has this port support. check on wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_High-Definition_Link


For more details please check and follow http://clamcase.com/clambook-android-and-iphone-laptop-dock.html

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Looks like a very good product. Have they announced the price?

I think it may be $200+ as they are selling iPad clamcase which is without display at $149.

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well i got myself atrix lapdock for my photon and pretty happy with its looks, quality, design, thinness, battery life, and functionality.

now i keep my bluetooth headset connected while i chat on whats app, gtalk, use tapatalk, browse, put music on, connect my pen drive,

use my memory card reader, my ebooks is reading has become so much fun on 11.6 inch screen, even tried video watching,

my phone pretty much does most jobs for me and now its become easier to do so with lapdock.

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