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2G, 3G and now 4G!

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A noob question.

Apart from the higher speeds as you move from 2G to 4G what are the differences at the user level. In other words what does on gain as he moves from 2G to 3G and (soon) 4G,

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Only better speed and higher bandwidth. Download speeds will be fast depending on location and latency would be low. But the plans are expensive and download limits are low. Have a friend using airtel 4g lte in office.

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The best thing a user will experience when moving from 3G to 4G is the latency drop. Before 4G LTE was launched, it was believed that it would give latency comparable to ~5m. Practically you can get around 60ms average where in 3G you get above 100ms in same conditions. This will depend on number of users, tower distance.... blah,blah,blah. But overall the latency drop is noticeable.

The speed gain is prominent too but since it is a wireless system so sustaining speed is rather difficult. Not gonna give figures here cause again they are dependent on lot of factors plus the ISP cap speed too.

Overall lower latency, better speed.

I hope you get the point. Do I need to summarise 2G->3G too?

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