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BlackBerry Z10 - BARs for working Android Apps

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Here are the BAR files for all Android apps (apk) working fine on BlackBerry Z10. (Model STL-001)

Most of them were converted & downloaded from http://apk2bar.unker.net/ , few BARs directly from http://apps.goodereader.com or CrackBerry.

All of them are Free versions.

  1. Air Control Lite
  2. Aldiko ebook reader
  3. Any ToDo
  4. AlphaScope
  5. Flyte (flipkart music app)
  6. Plumber (game)
  7. Sign Easy
  8. Google Keep
  9. Drum Kit
  10. TeamViewer (has some issues)
  11. ES File Explorer
  12. Evernote 4.5.2 (I am not sure if this is converted APK or native app)
  13. File Expert
  14. Fill & Sign PDF Forms (don't remember if its native or converted)
  15. Financial Calculators
  16. Flipboard
  17. Gears of Time (game)
  18. Google Maps
  19. Google Voice
  20. GTasks
  21. Handy Calc
  22. Instagram (has issues, need to reset password)
  23. Instant Heart Rate
  24. Piano Master
  25. MLO (my life organized - another to do based on GTD - getting things done)
  26. Torque Free (to connect to your Cars OBD2 port over Bluetooth/USB and do stuff)
  27. SpeedTest
  28. PC Outlook Sync
  29. Call Recorder (records automatically, from line - ie both sides clearly)
  30. RDP Enterprise
  31. Safe Wallet (uses your signature to open the app)
  32. Sign Now
  33. Sky Drive
  34. Skype (i think this is leaked native app)
  35. Sound Hound (issues)
  36. WebMD
  37. WinZip
  38. YouTube (native i think)

Google Drive Link:

(Total Size - 150 MB)

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here are some screenshots showing these apps as well as few Z10 features not found in any other phone :-

post-3171-0-07935500-1368598217_thumb.jp post-3171-0-36708400-1368598223_thumb.jp post-3171-0-69062700-1368598226_thumb.jp post-3171-0-78648500-1368598228_thumb.jp post-3171-0-89572000-1368598231_thumb.jp

post-3171-0-16844300-1368598235_thumb.jp post-3171-0-81251800-1368598239_thumb.jp post-3171-0-04969300-1368598242_thumb.jp post-3171-0-19394200-1368598244_thumb.jp post-3171-0-90287100-1368599540_thumb.jp

Swipe up-left to PEEK:

post-3171-0-38986300-1368598256_thumb.jp post-3171-0-38628900-1368598258_thumb.jp post-3171-0-71216200-1368598260_thumb.jp post-3171-0-11584600-1368598267_thumb.jp post-3171-0-43122000-1368598265_thumb.jp

post-3171-0-27994900-1368598273_thumb.jp post-3171-0-78904000-1368598275_thumb.jp post-3171-0-99750900-1368598277_thumb.jp post-3171-0-82990200-1368598280_thumb.jp post-3171-0-44932800-1368599634_thumb.jp post-3171-0-59299800-1368599637_thumb.jp

Some Stock Images:

post-3171-0-23430200-1368599931_thumb.jp post-3171-0-53966300-1368599936_thumb.jp post-3171-0-02182700-1368599942_thumb.pn

post-3171-0-67692000-1368599938_thumb.jp post-3171-0-03970100-1368599945_thumb.jp

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Oh this is nice. How's the speed and the working of them. Have heard that the speeds are a bit slow

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