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theslimed2013 is the author of this UNLOCK

Your phone has to be rooted and S-OFF

How to root and S-Off

Install Root Explorer & Sprint HTCOne SIMUnlock Helper

Download the attached file HtcOMADM_SPCS.apk

Now this app should go into /system/app/ directory, Make sure you rename the app that is already present in your phone

and only then place this file there. One placed make sure you change permissions to rw-r-r and then reboot.

Run the SimUlock helper app, this might give you "DEVICE CHECK FAIL" in Red, Might also say "Device is not a Sprint HTC One! There for this Program will not run", IGNORE.

Select 3 Menu dots on the upper right hand side and select "Display Sim Unlock Log", Grant permissions by superuser if asked.

You should get empty Sim Unlock Log, Hit back button, wait for it to say "Device verified" Root available bla bla bla.

Select "Start" and wait for OMADM Test Client to start, once the OMADM Test Client starts scroll down till SIMLOCK and select it,

Wait for a few seconds. Phone should return to normal select back, Sim Unlock Helper should show Sim Unlock Results, if it says Successful, reboot the phone. if the app reboot does not work, use the phone reboot menu. DONE.

Pop in your GSM SIM, set APN, data should work.

Credit goes to garynsa for showing this thread and trying to confirm this method.

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BTW it will throw vdm errors on startups, if the original apk is not retained after the unlock. Be sure to do that. Had tried once on my firend's Sprint HTC one Max.

Warning: Fingerprint scanner will stop working once unlocked using htcdev method. So make sure you relock the bootloader using this.

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Can somebody please provide me the htconesimunlockhelper.apk file?? It has been removed from the play store. :(

Need it urgently. :(

Update : Got the apk. :)

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