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  1. How did you get it working??
  2. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    For anyone who is wondering if voice calls will also use data because they arent charging anything, NO. If you have a VoLTE enabled handset, turn off data on Jio sim and try making a call, it works just fine.
  3. Hmmm...lets wait for all the details.
  4. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    My validity was extended after the 3 months were over. And now that extended validity is also over, and the sim isnt working anymore. It says balance exhausted, but wont let me do any recharges as it keeps saying you are on a monthly renewal plan. Oh and btw... Jio is going official I guess. 50Rs/Gb is what I read.
  5. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    @joshmI got a sim using my Sprint Note 3 too yesterday. Still waiting for activation sms though.
  6. But in my jio app, it still says 6th August for me.
  7. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    I dont understand, how did you get the sim without a samsung handset? Here in Nagpur, the digital xpress guys wont give anyone a sim if you dont have a samsung phone with you.
  8. Yeah, most of us here are irritated with their service providers. But then we cant port to Jio till their commercial launch. I am getting excellent speeds here in Nagpur. I just hope it doesnt degrade much when the users increase.
  9. Not possible to port to Jio, as they are not commercial yet. And you cant get the unlimited offers without the LYF handset, unless you are a Reliance employee.
  10. Jio 4G speeds here in Nagpur have been good. 40-45Mbps at my place, and 20-25Mbps atleast everywhere else. Also, the network is quite good here. I have been using Rcom cdma on unlimted plan as my primary internet connection, as internet services here in Nagpur are terrible in general. And we dont have any cdma network for the past 2 days now. No network on the new sim as well. My whole family is on Rcom cdma, this is like a nightmare.
  11. VoLTE instead of HD is normal. HD voice and VoLTE are one and the same. I too had HD written beside the network before update, then it changed to VoLTE.
  12. We dont have any cdma network here in Nagpur since afternoon. Even calls arent working. And the shift to new sims hasnt started, the reliance store guys are saying the new sims will start working from the 1st of June. Dont know how long will they keep us without any network. Its becoming a nightmare, my whole family is on Reliance cdma.
  13. ^^Calls and sms working?? What is the network that it latches onto?? 3G or 4G??
  14. This is stupid... Here in Maharashtra, we dont even have 3G in gsm. Meaning, if we dont get 4G network, we will directly fall to 2G.