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'Voicemail pending' notification problem in Moto G in Reliance

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Hey Rimwebians,

Having a wonderful Moto G experience on Reliance CDMA (A Big thanks to Mr.Hitesh for that).

However I am facing an acute problem with 'voicemail pending' notification.
This notification pops up once in a while and is quite irritating.
Have checked my voicemail and the inbox is clean. And cannot locate any other pending voicemail which could be deleted/read.

Need the help of forum veterans and fellow members in getting rid of this problem. I have tried clearing the voicemail or disabling it from the settings, but none of it seems to work.

Attaching a few screen snapshots showing the notification.


OT: If there is an already existing thread with similar issue, Mods may please merge it.



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Manoj is absolutely correct. I have done the same way to disable Voice mail pop up.

Sent from my Evo Design 4G

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Thank you. Shall try to do the same.

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