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HTC Blinkfeed for any unrooted 4.4 android phone

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Christmas Greetings

I have always been fond of htc sense but the latest flavor has been on a different level. I have seen my brother using blinkfeed and its great for update junkies on various subjects.

Thankfully somebody called GakuGaku on xda ported official HTC stuff for everyone. So all credits to this person only. Basically since quite a few of these things have been listed exclusively on playstore for official htc handsets but been retrieved for others like us. I have tried it on Droid running 4.4 and it works flawlessly.

Hope you people will enjoy it too. Best part is it adds itself to Home settings so you can always shift between this HTC launcher or any other that you use like Google launcher etc. Its installed in a simple app installation manner.

1. Download Htc BlinkFeed (link above).
2. Extract Htc BlinkFeed.
3. Normally install these apps Twitter, Weather, BlinkFeed,,worldclock hsp.
4. Enjoy!

If weather doesnt work initially then make sure you add htc weather in your accounts under settings and enable location with sync.

Also you have to choose Blinkfeed as home page for clock & weather to show at the top.


Recent version
HtcBlinkFeedv14(ART&dalvik supportVer)

Htc BlinkFeed v12(reupload)
HtcBlinkFeedv13(ART&dalvik supportVer)
4x4 grid version.
Htc BlinkFeed 4x4
4x5 grid version and dpi problem fix.
Htc BlinkFeed 4x5

Colour changing app

Original Source:


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I have been successful with HTC weather, clock and gallery too. But Zoe crashes and can't load music and camera. They both require framework and library which needs root. Not possible on droid yet. This is just for kicks, I know I can always buy a HTC phone for all of above.

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For some reason the launcher crashes everytime I try to add the feeds that I want to see in blinkfeed. :(

I am on razr m running cm11. Will visit the xda thread later.

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