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How to get Spotify working for you!

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Christmas greetings again!

Spotify is arguably the best online music streaming software across all devices. Though this topic is not a debate of the same but many tech critics review so. Many of you might not have heard its name or if you have then you might have wondered how to get it working for you. Well this simple tutorial is for those who are music fanatics and connected to internet all the time. In my opinion the desktop app and tablet version are the best but you can enjoy on your phones too across most platforms with few less features.

in your browser on any mobile device go to this address m.spotify.com …….there choose to manually download software. You will get the app download started as you won't get it through playstore or appstore. For desktops its easy by going to website.

Now don't run the app first but do the following ~

You need to copy and create a VPN on your device from any such free access sites , i am giving here the one I use

Free VPN Type: PPTP VPN VPN Encryption: MPPE-128 Bit Server Location: USA & UK

US Server Host: us.websitevpn.com VPN Username: websitevpn.com VPN Password: freevpn

UK Server Host: uk.websitevpn.com VPN Username: websitevpn.com VPN Password: freevpn

You will just need either one of these. Pick any but then don't add both as it will confuse eventually.

​Ok you are all set if in the top notification bar you see a small box with VPN written in it. Now open your app and either log in with your Facebook if u use it unlike me or create a new id. Make sure if you create id that you enter country as the one your chose above, UK or USA. As this service is available in very select few countries.

Now turn off the VPN and use the app normally.

Thats it you are set. Have fun with unlimited music. Create playlists on your computer , enjoy them on your device. Play local music files if both are connected to same wifi network.

​P.S. the only catch here is that every 14 days your spotify will stop working on all devices as it will suggest you that your free abroad travel days are over and please return to home country. in this scenario you have to again turn on VPN which you added to create id. log in once with it , it may take multiple attempts. once logged in , turn off VPN and again you have two weeks of music blast.

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It's working for me without the vpn

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