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Reliance Pro 3 WiPod device - very slow speed

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I am using Reliance Pro 3 wipod device (Haier M1) for almost 5 months with Truely unlimited 999 monthly rental plan.

The device specs and plan promises the download speed upto 14Mbps, but unfortunately I get around 0.5~1.0Mbps, (almost 1/10th of promissed speed :nerves: )


On the webUI ( it shows conneccted to Pro3 network with 3.1Mbps download speed).


It shows network type as EVDO Rev A. On device manual it has written it connects to Rev B network.


Is there any way to check whether EVDO Rev B coverage is present in my location (Navi Mumbai) ?

Also any way to force device to latch to EVDO Rev B network if present?



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Mumbai circle has hardly any RevB sites. Typical rcom.

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