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Asus Announces Eee PC 900 with 9-Inch Screen

Asus took advantage of the CeBIT tradeshow in Germany today to announce a version of its low-cost micro laptop with a

wider screen.

Like the current models, the Eee PC 900 series will have a clamshell design and run a version of the Linux operating system. In addition, Asus says it will be ready to have Microsoft Windows installed on them if the user wants to. The most obvious change in the upcoming version will be the 8.9-inch display, up from 7 inches. In addition, versions of the Eee PC 900 will have up to 1 GB of RAM and storage capacity of up to 12 GB, much more than in the current versions. Coming Soon These new Eee PCs will cost 400 Euro each, and will be available in the summer of this year to select countries on the first wave of launch. When the second generation of this device will be released in the United States, and will cost in this country, is not yet known. Specifications As the Eee PC 900 is still a few months away from its launch, some of the specifications of this model are still tenative: Processor: Intel Celeron M ULV 900MHz (may be changed to newer processor) Storage: 12 GB of Flash-based storage (SSD) Memory: 1 GB of RAM OS: Linux (Asus customized) Screen: 8.9-inch screen with 800 x 480 resolution Ports: 3 USB, 1 monitor, headphone jack, microphone input, SD card reader (SDHC compatible), Kensington lock slot, Ethernet 10/100 Webcam: 0.3 MP resolution Battery: 4-cell 5200 mAh (rated at 3.5 hours) Wireless: 802.11b/g Atheros Input: Keyboard and Touchpad

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Redesigned netbook now sports aluminum LCD cover.

Asus had recently shown to a select few publications what the Eee PC 1000H would look like. Well, now they have officially taken off the wraps from 1002HA, which is a replacement of 1000H with more aesthetic appeal.

The Eee PC 1002HA now sports a stylishly-designed chassis with brushed aluminum LCD cover and palm rest. The reason for going aluminum was to make the netbook as light as possible without giving away durability. The netbook now weighs 1.2 kg and is just 1-inch thick with the battery attached.

The specifications include a 10-inch LED backlit display, 1GB memory, which can be maxed up to 2GB, Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, 160GB HDD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel webcam, 4-in-1 card reader and Linux or Windows XP as the OS options.

Other noteworthy features are the included 10GB Eee Online Storage, keyboard that is 92% of the size of the conventional ones and is equipped with technology like Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) for better battery efficiency.

The Super Hybrid Engine, coupled with 4200mAh battery, gives a total run time of around 5 hours in a single charge.

Price & launch date will soon be announced..


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