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  1. Q: Is that the proof with old operator and the proof given to new operator must be same during MNP ???
  2. All About LTE

    Is LTE a GSM technology or it is CDMA technology...
  3. MP3 Player Issue

    Does Mp3 player work without battery when it is inserted to a USB port? ie. I am having a mp3 player of Yes.. www.iloveyes.net 2 days before it turned off indicating Low Battery Warning. I usually charge it by means of USB port in the system. when I connect to port it shows a charging symbol and the system detects as a removable media. but it is dead now is it problem of battery or else in player, I removed the battery it is li-polymer 3.7V 280mAh 3mm thichness battery. but even though the player has problem in battery it should work as removable device when it connected to system. But one of my friend said that Mp3 player of my type only get power from battery even when it connected with USB port is it true. Guys pls find a solution will it work if I change the battery.
  4. Lowest Local Call Tariff Till Date?

    RCDMA's 299 is better 30 min/day and onnet call are UNLD without FUP.
  5. Samsung Mpower TV S239

    Always CDMA hadsets are of poor quality else cost will be very higher. CDMA customers doesn't get value for the money in handsets......
  6. Sure I think Airtel always have hidden FUP.
  7. Videocon VC1424 - Is It Worth Buying?

    http://videoconmobiles.com/cdma/cdma_flexi_vc1424.htm Suggestions needed.... Is it worthy buying?
  8. Videocon VC1424 - Is It Worth Buying?

    MicroMax, Gfive, Onida which will be better else i go with samsung.... I heard Micromax is ment for quality within new comer... Is it so?
  9. The Most Awaited MNP Finally Introduced!

    Got Call from cc and asked the reason for sending PORT sms to 1900. they person talked to me was anger and I was surprised of his anger. But i haven't made any reaction that I have noticed that he is anger. I said the reason that no data plans and speed of 3g-GSM. He explained me about EVDO is coming with better plan by end of Jan so he asked me to wait and also I informed about SMS delay in cdma. He taken this as feedback and said, be in cdma and don't take any decision in urgent. He said all these words in bold manner and gave me a promise in service. I dono when his next call will be and whats the offer so. Is it so will the EVDO plans come cheaper?
  10. New STV 35

    But compare the QOS of Uninor & RGSM?!!
  11. New STV 35

    Is it available in RCDMA
  12. How it is possible for all players for CDMA 3G auction...? So is that all players gonna start CDMA service????
  13. The Most Awaited MNP Finally Introduced!

    But Kumar sir, TN and Chennai was made single circle long ago and I have seen posts of Kesav in old MNP thread that "DoT has got back the extra LRN (or whatever) number from BSNL and TataIndicom, so that Chennai and RoTN users will have same LRN number".. If that is the case, MNP launching date for both Chennai and RoTN should be same, right??? Or I am missing something??? Dear Friends, It's bit tricky situation in Tamilnadu. As for as the tariff is concerned, it's mandatory that tariff should be like a unified circle.This fact is known to everyone. But license-wise, There are 2 different types of operators in Chennai & RoTN (1) Operators who work in unified license -- BSNL, TTSL(Indicom+Docomo), Idea, Videocon, Unior etc.,(sorry..I don't have complete list) (2) Operators who work in 2 different licences for Chennai & RoTN separately -- Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone etc.,(sorry...I don't have complete list). You might have noticed roaming symbol for these operators when you move to Chennai from RoTN or vice-versa. According to DoT, RoTN number can be shifted only to another RoTN/Unified license holder. Chennai number can be shifted only to another Chennai/Unified license holder. Unified number can be shifted to another Chennai/RoTN/Unified license holder. To given an idea on what is not possible, Chennai Aircel number cannot be shifted to RoTN Airtel. But whether phone works in RoTN Airtel or Chennai Airtel is going to have no difference for the subscriber. WOW Awesome Reply;-)
  14. How to identify the network after Migration...?????!!!
  15. Reliance Website New Look

    Guys opening link is not a problem View a coverage area in it... by seleting all STATE-->DISTRICT-->TALUK--> then view coverage...
  16. Reliance Website New Look

    http://network.rcom.co.in/Coverage.aspx Can't ABLE TO USE THE LINK????
  17. I am getting MAD for this MNP!!!!!!@@@@@@@@##############$$$$$$$$$$%%%%%%%%%%%^^^^^^^^^^^^&&&&&&&&&&&&&*************((())))???
  18. Will the results be published for us and if so when??????????
  19. Any New Releases From Nokia in CDMA?

    we should forget nokia in cdma
  20. BSNL WiMAX Review

    Tamil nadu is unlucky...