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  1. Give Earth A Hand

    where there is a will there is a way..
  2. Give Earth A Hand

    Small Drops Make A Big Ocean
  3. Give Earth A Hand

    The 11th Hour - Turn Mankind's Darkest Hour in to its Finest
  4. Bathroom Ready Radio.. World's First Official One..

    you spent a lot time in bathroom ??
  5. Blood Required

    Thank you Dhiraj Ji, but now a days i am coming to Rimweb only for posting blood requirements.. []
  6. Blood Required

    Required AB+ve Blood at Bangalore. Contact Manohar 09900466334
  7. Blood Required

    Required B-ve Blood at Bangalore. Contact Shailendra 50701368 / 9845151619
  8. Blood Required

    Required B-ve Blood at Bangalore. Contact Mamatha 9886018709
  9. Blood Required

    Required O+ve Blood at Mumbai, Asian Heart Hosp. Contact Maya Pareira 09892654164 / 09702022414
  10. Blood Required

    Required AB+ve Blood at Trivandrum. Contact Shimi 9746574300
  11. Source Idea Customers in Chennai will be charged 50p/3minutes , starting today. Idea Cellular is the first operator in Chennai and Tamil Nadu, to charge its customers for the call. A call made to Customer Care(12345) , will be free until the customer gets connected to a customer care executive. Further, the first 25 seconds would not be charged, after which the customer would be charged 50 Paisa for every 180 seconds. Idea cellular Tamilnadu is one of the newest operators in the Chennai and the Tamil Nadu circle.Other private operators such as Airtel, Vodafone and Aircel, who have a huge customer base in this circle have not started charging their customers, yet. This has been implemented since 21st March and would be applicable for all Idea Cellular Customers in TN.
  12. Blood Required

    Required B+ve Blood at Bangalore. Contact 9845038079 Arjun, needed for Heart operation
  13. Blood Required

    Required O+ve Blood at Mumbai. Contact Rajeev Roy 9820290933
  14. Blood Required

    Required AB-ve at Guntur,Andhra Pradesh. Contact NagaRaju 9703284554
  15. Blood Required

    Required B+ve Blood at Erode. Contact Krishnan 9791915881
  16. Blood Required

    Required A-ve blood at New Delhi Escort Heart Inst. Contact Binod Dwivedi 9313957867
  17. Blood Required

    Required O+ve Blood at Hyderabad. Contact Charan 8099830824
  18. Source We have been hearing about Nokia's C-Series for quite some time now. It was first heard of back in July when Nokia was caught trying to patent its X and C-Series brands. While we are aware of what the X-Series would be like, little was known about the C-Series. On February 3, a leaked image of what is thought to be one of the first C-Series devices to be launched by Nokia started doing the rounds of the Interweb. The phone in the pictures is known as the C5. The C5 looks like a very compact candy bar phone running Series 60. What is confusing is the need fro the C-Series naming scheme. We wonder what the C-Series stands for. The E-Series and the N-Series for example stand for "Enterprise" and "Entertainment" respectively (The "En" from Entertainment was replaced by an "N" in case of the latter). From what we have seen from the leaked photos, the phone seems to be very compact. So, is the C-Series a new line-up of compact devices? Well, we're just guessing! As for the C5, the phone seems to be decently spec-ed. It features a not so large 2.2 -inch QVGA display, a 3.2 megapixel camera (more than enough, if it's a good one!), HSPA and FM Radio. Also included are a 3.5mm jack and support for microSD cards to increase the 50MB internal memory. This one might just be released in the months to come. Nokia has scheduled its own press event as an alternative to the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona in which is it not participating. Hopefully, the C-Series would be officially announced there.
  19. Blood Required

    Required AB+ve blood at Bangalore. Contact Arun 9604334199
  20. Blood Required

    Required B+ve blood at Mumbai, Asian Heart Inst. Contact Heer 9820590883
  21. just got a sms "Please note the roaming rates wef 26-Apr-2010. Docomo network - Local & STD 1p/sec, SMS Rs.1.5/sms Other networks - Local Re1/min, STD Rs 1.5/min, SMS Rs 3.45/sms" Is this true ?? incoming call charges were not mentioned..
  22. Blood Required

    ok thanks for the info.. i will do that.. please follow this profile in twitter- tweet4blood also use this page to tweet for blood
  23. just called CC.. he said while in roaming, if we are on docomo network then incoming and all outgoing call charges will be 1p/sec, sms Rs.1.5/sms if we are on other network, then incoming Re1/min, local outgoing Re1/min, STD Rs1.5/min, sms Rs3.45/sms
  24. Website Gsm Handsets More Gsm Handsets