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  1. Software/firmware Upgrade For Nokia 6265/6275 Cdma

    Kindly add FLASH support in the features list. Regards, Ramesh
  2. Nokia 6265 Problems

    I had the same problem in my 6265 2 months back. The problem is common with all sliding models. The wire strip connecting upper half and lower half of sliding phone will get defected when we slide frequently. To solve this problem we need to replace the wire strip with new one. It costs more than 1000 INR. this will affect display, speaker, memory card, front keys etc.. Regards, Ramesh Hi, Even I am using Nokia - 6265, but so far I have not got the problem yet. It seems like your set has some problem. Better please consult the Nokia care centre for the same. Previously, I had a problem with Kingston 1GB card. I replaced the same with 2GB Kingston Mini SD card (Usually only 1GB will be supported), with which it is working well so far. I am using that from the past 6 months without any problem. Cheers!!! Mohu
  3. All About Nokia 6265

    Qatar doesn't has a CDMA network. And 6265 will not work there. But you can always gift it to me before you leave for Qatar Hi everyone, I am relocating to the UK (England) for work reasons. Is there any CDMA service provider there as Europe is predominantly GSM. If yes, will my 6265 work there? Please help. Thanks in anticipation. your CDMA will work only on the following countries Australia Bangladesh Canada China Hong Kong Indonesia Israel Jamaica New Zealand Taiwan Thailand USA Rest of the countries GSM networks, but u can carry same number around the world visit http://www.rcom.co.in/webapp/Communication...nationroam2.jsp for more details for more details
  4. Nokia Woofers Needed

    you can get it from nokia priority dealer
  5. Speaker Not Wroking In 6265

    I think there is s/w problem in 6265 coz... even I hv got similar...like camera not workin..thn went to Nokia care, they gave me repaired after 15 daysJuz visit Nokia care...n get it repaired...ASAP15 days :Decepcionado: anyways seems luck is with me, i tapped the phone with my fingers and bingo the phone is ok again.am thinking of buying a hammer now i had this same problem with my nokia 6265. just visited nokia care yesterday and get that cleared. the problem is -- the speaker and mobile circuit board is connected through a spring. sometime this spring will not expand and sits in the board, not touching the speaker. so u can hear sound and when u shake or tap with finger the spring release and and get connected to the speaker. pls visit nokia care immediately to solve
  6. Speaker Not Wroking In 6265

    your speaker may be damaged. you have to put a new speaker, pls visit nokia care.
  7. Nokia 6275 Minibrowser