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  1. New Rs.197 Offer for Reliance GSM

    Guys an update: Now the validity of this plan is changed to 28 days and you will get 600 local free minutes to use, remaining balance minutes can be carry forward if you recharge this plan before it expires!
  2. New Rs.197 Offer for Reliance GSM

    Guys recently I recharged with this Rs.197 pack and was suprised to find 2000 R-R free minutes missing, later from some friends I came to know that this is the result of recent tarrif hike we won't be getting any free R-R minutes from now on
  3. How To activate 3G on Reliance GSM handset?

    I talked with CC and they asked me to visit reliance web world to get 3g network/service activated on my phone. I tried to select 3g network from my phone's network settings but it says that I am out of 3g network coverage. I really don't know if reliance 3g services are active in my city or not but other networks like airtel and tata docomo are having it.
  4. I have samsung galaxy SL android phone, its my first 3g phone which i bought few weeks back. Whenever I am trying to make a video call it says out of 3g network, can anyone tell me how do i activage 3g network/video calling on my phone? I heard that on airtel you can simply activate it by sending an SMS, but I don't know how to do it on reliance GSM.
  5. New Rs.197 Offer for Reliance GSM

    Guys i recharged Rs.197 plan today, and is far much better then Rs.299 plan. I got this after recharge. Talk Time to others - 11 hrs 40 Minutes Talk Time R to R - 33 hrs 20 Minutes I think there is no 20 minutes per day restriction here as it was with Rs.299 plan + the talk time is getting deducted in secs instead of minutes. Simply great isn't it
  6. Today I got the following offer on my mobile. Special Pack of Rs.197 R - R talk time = 2000 Minutes Local Calls to others = 700 Minutes Validity = 30 days Please confirm if anyone here knows anything about this. I am planning to recharge this plan tomorrow, please let me know if anyone is using this already. Thanks!
  7. Reliance GPRS Plans : GPRS Pack @Rs.5 : Rs. 5 Data plan with a validity of 24 hours gives you 50MB of Data.To get started with these plans, dial *123*005# (for Day pack) GPRS Pack @Rs.51: Rs.51 Data plan with a validity of 15 days gives you 1 GB of Data.To get started with these plans,dial *123*051#(for 15 days pack) GPRS Pack Rs.99 : Rs. 99 Data plan with a validity of 30 days gives you 2.5GB of Data.To get started with these plans, dial *123*099# (for 30 days pack).This pack available to both Reliance prepaid and postpaid users.Prepaid users should do easy recharge to get this MobileNet pack activated.