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Found 6 results

  1. Today, after 7 long years of my use of Tata's postpaid CDMA, suddenly I received a short but a very rejecting message telling, "Hi, to enjoy continued services on your number, please migrate your number to Tata DoCoMo prepay or you could opt for Port out to another operator". I called CC and got confirmed about this (it will not be there post 17th June) and also received calls from Tata subsequently depicting the matter. This is really an unexpected move and my primary number will become useless as Tata doesn't offer cheap on-net calls on prepaid any more. If prepaid service remains there, what makes them to cease a smooth-running postpaid service?
  2. Try dialling *321*885# from your Airtel mobile. *321*885# -->> Call You will get a response "Reply with 1 to Activate Missed Call Alert on you Number for 90 Days for Rs 0" ** Send 1 Reply : "Thank You for choosing Airtel Missed Call alert.You have been activated for 90 days and charged for Rs.0.To stop service call *321*883# or SMS STOP to 121." This offer is only valid for customers who are NOT currently active on MCA Service. ** I could get this offer on my Odisha Postpaid number for FREE. I am not responsible if you are billed for it Also Don't forget to deactivate the service after 3 months
  3. Hi friends I don't know if it has been posted earlier, but I came across this website and found it really helpful.. YourBillBuddy.com is your one-stop solution for finding the best mobile plan in market for yourself. Value for money is something we all have in our mind. YourBillBuddy.com helps you get the best value for your money. This service finds the tariff plan most suited to your usage, ensuring that you pay the minimum bill amount. Gone are the days when you had to fight your way through the confusing jargon of plans and toppings of so many service providers. Yourbillbuddy.com currently support the major providers across India - Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, TataIndicom, BSNL and Loop. To use the service, all you need to do is tell them your usage either by uploading an e-bill or by specifying minimal high level usage data using the Recommendation wizard module. *** I am in NO Way related to your bill buddy Nor anyone in my last 7 generations.. This is NOT a promotional post.. Just wanted to share
  4. Does somebody know how to check the data usage and how the billing for 98GPRS Pack is done in Airtel? If I check via "unb" to 121 will it take the free usage into acc. or only at the time of billing? I mean to ask whether the usage will be added to unbilled (30p/50kb) although I have a data pack active ? or will there be no unbilled amount (like in reliance gsm) for data usage till the limit is reached? The reason I'm asking is because I have taken a new connection and my initial credit limit is only 1500.. If Airtel adds up the data usage to unbilled, then the unbilled amount will rise upto around 6000+ rs just for browsing, and as usual they will disconnect the i/c and o/g.. Any ideas?
  5. I am a student and I wish to take a postpaid connection. I have all the valid POI and POA documents with me. The service provider has NOT mentioned on their website that students can not take a particular plan. So can a service provider reject my request on ground of address verification and stating that I am a student and a connection can not be given to me ? I have faced this situation from TATA Docomo and hence I wanted to know how valid a reason is it. I got this attached document of TRAI which states that the operator cannot deny. I need your valuable suggestions please.direction1sep08.pdf (I have a postpaid from vodafone though ;-) but the plans are not good...
  6. currently on bsnl 3g postpaid 525 plan ,i am thinking of porting out because the network has become from bad to worse... 1st question, is there even a remote possibility of getting a booster installed from bsnl? 2nd , if i need to port (to airtel or aircel, not any other company) http://bsnl.co.in/service/cellular_cellone_allplan.htm current plan rental - 525 free calls worth - 425 rs 3g data - 250 mb Free SMS worth Rs. - 40 Free I/C Calls while Roaming in Min - 200 Free O/G Calls while Roaming in Min - 100 local call - on net rs .30 off net rs .40 std call - rs .50 sms - local -rs .30 national - rs.30 i plan to port to airtel 3g or aircel 3g my usage is mostly calling(both local and std, mostly off-net), rarely sms, and 250 mb of 3g data is sufficient roaming usage is also not that important, cause it is once in like 6 months.... so is there any similar plan available from airtel or aircel in the same 500-600 range?