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Found 3 results

  1. Now, there seems to be good news for all the 2G, 3G and 4G Mobile Internet users, India’s telecom watchdog Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) today issued guidelines on Minimum Quality Benchmark for Mobile Internet services – GPRS, 2G and 3G / EVDO and 4G Data service. With the new regulation – “Standards of Quality of Service for Mobile Data Services Regulations, 2012” TRAI will monitor Quality of Mobile Internet service on nine parameters, including Minimum Download Speed, Successful Data transmission Download and Upload Attempts, Latency – the amount of time taken by a packet to reach the receiving endpoint after being transmitted from the sending endpoint etc. The TRAI has also recommended that all Mobile Internet Service providers should activate Mobile Internet (GPRS/3G/4G/CDMA – EVDO) within 3 hours of the customer requesting for it, with a 95% success rate. TRAI said that presently, there is No Quality of Service Standards for the Mobile Data Services in India. It is necessary to benchmark and monitor the quality of service offered by the service providers of mobile data services with various options open to the implementing agencies so that the interests of consumers are protected. TRAI, therefore, decided to benchmark the Quality of Service parameters for mobile data services, so that the interests of consumers are protected. Accordingly, the draft regulations have been prepared by the regulator. Proposed Quality of Service parameters for Mobile Data services : All Mobile Internet Service providers have been asked to send /submit their view or comments on above regulation by 25th July, 2012 and counter comments by 1st August, 2012 to the TRAI. Source : TelecomTalk.info
  2. Does somebody know how to check the data usage and how the billing for 98GPRS Pack is done in Airtel? If I check via "unb" to 121 will it take the free usage into acc. or only at the time of billing? I mean to ask whether the usage will be added to unbilled (30p/50kb) although I have a data pack active ? or will there be no unbilled amount (like in reliance gsm) for data usage till the limit is reached? The reason I'm asking is because I have taken a new connection and my initial credit limit is only 1500.. If Airtel adds up the data usage to unbilled, then the unbilled amount will rise upto around 6000+ rs just for browsing, and as usual they will disconnect the i/c and o/g.. Any ideas?
  3. Hello Friends, I am starting this topic where we can discuss about the best internet options available in our own/other circles. We can also talk about some unique/special offers that we come to know about. Purpose of this topic is to increase knowledge about internet options or special offers available in other circles and to help each other take advantage of these offers. I start with the first offer I came to know about Idea 3G in Delhi region. One seller is providing 2GB data pack in Rs 249 bundled with Rs 1349 unlocked data card. He confirmed me this recharge can be continued.