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Suggestion for MNP To Which Operator?

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currently on bsnl 3g postpaid 525 plan ,i am thinking of porting out because the network has become from bad to worse...

1st question, is there even a remote possibility of getting a booster installed from bsnl?

2nd , if i need to port (to airtel or aircel, not any other company)


current plan

rental - 525

free calls worth - 425 rs

3g data - 250 mb

Free SMS worth Rs. - 40

Free I/C Calls while Roaming in Min - 200

Free O/G Calls while Roaming in Min - 100

local call - on net rs .30

off net rs .40

std call - rs .50

sms - local -rs .30

national - rs.30

i plan to port to airtel 3g or aircel 3g

my usage is mostly calling(both local and std, mostly off-net), rarely sms, and 250 mb of 3g data is sufficient

roaming usage is also not that important, cause it is once in like 6 months....

so is there any similar plan available from airtel or aircel in the same 500-600 range?

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Dear SSK,

First most important thing is network qualilty, which differs from place to place and operator.

First purchase a prepaid sim cards of both Airtel and Aircel (Which cost you little)and check

at your home and workingplaces. Then decide the Operator. Now all operators having good

plans with minor variations. But one has to select a plan with any operator according to his

type & average usage.

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already did that, that is why i said aircel and airtel, because they have the best coverage in my area

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I assume you from Bhilai-Nagar, CG (from your profile)... From my experience, Aircel has very very small coverage in Raipur and some say that its using Docomo network if network is not available... I am using Aircel 3G in Sivakasi and its unable to catch 2G network even in cenre of Raipur-City (Jai-Stambh chowk)... So I don't think its better to go for Aircel... Coverage of Airtel (AirHELL) is good all-over CG afaik... If 3G is NOT important to you go for AirHELL (as AirHELL and Vodafone BOTH are using Idea3G but speed is capped below 3Mbps tested by me)...

What I doubt is the Aircel signal shown in you phone may originally be of Docomo (check with Docomo SIM)... In that case go for Docomo, which has 3G license in CG.. Another good option is Idea, which is king in CG and also has own 3G network there...

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i've checked out plans of both and am leaning towards.... airtel supersaver 199 plan , with 200 rs 3g datapack.


thanx for the suggestions, by the way, aircel has very good coverage in bhilai,don't know about raipur

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